Ye Xia put his knife back into his sheath and asked in a low voice, "What happened to you and Acacia, big brother?"

"I told Acacia about you last night." Ye Zhiqiu laughed very hard and sounded bitter. "Acacia didn’t say anything, but I didn’t close my eyes and reasoned all night and didn’t know what to do."
It’s sad enough for Ye Xiayan to silently bite hn, and the two brothers love the same nv. It’s just that the two brothers are deeply affectionate and no one wants to give up. In the past few years, it’s like a vine entangled in a tree, and that nv is generally beautiful to both brothers. This complicated atmosphere has never dissipated for a moment and will eventually trap them.
However, things finally came to the bottom.
"Hey, what seems to be the scandal?" Cen then opened his eyes and pulled Feather with excitement, whispering that the sun was shining all over his face.
Feather carefully moved his head and pressed his heart hard to beat abnormally. Cen whispered to his ear, which really made his body itch. He didn’t escape Cen’s eyes when this nv child’s eyes were as sly as a fox’s. He knew that something was wrong. Sure enough, this weird nv child jing screamed at his face and blew pieces of fragrance into his face, making an unformed devil nng blush.
"Don’t be ridiculous, then go to the theatre." Feather turned to look at the bridge scene, and a fishing rod shoulder was lifted high as if it could receive any information signal.
The two men peeped so boldly that there was no objection. The attention of the Ye brothers has been yearning for the moon. Knowing this moment, they may be able to hear the answer they have been waiting for for for a long time. In the lovesickness month, her sight drifted lightly over the feather and Cen floated again, as if she had seen through everything.
The air is full of lead, waiting for her instructions or some kind of call. Two faces that are deeply worried in expectation, two wretched faces that are excited than faces that are lovesick, and four hearts that reside on the moon are beating violently.
Silence was another silence that lasted for about a moment, but it seemed like a lot of smiles. Guang Chen broke into his eyes and eliminated the silence, jumping out of the bright S color.
"I will go."
The incarnate spirit speaks with a light smile, and the wind generally ripples over the water, causing impetuousness.
In this sentence, Ye Zhiqiu’s face became more and more bloody, and S was stiff, and his body could not move. His right hand clutched the left ing mouth skirt tightly and clutched it into a ball. What was broken by a heavy hammer in that part?
Even Ye Xia was dumbfounded, and great joy firmly bound him. He was overwhelmed by joy lngh and immediately yelled and rushed to hug the nv.
Acacia month smiled and reached out to stop him from moving forward. "It’s time for you to go back in the summer."
Ye Xia suddenly woke up and took two steps back in embarrassment. He looked back at his eldest brother and suddenly saw an expressionless face. The familiar face was not as elegant and gentle as it used to be, as if the soul had left the body. He struggled to vomit words and called "Big Brother".
It took Ye Zhiqiu a while to react. He tried his best to squeeze out a smile that was uglier than crying. He replied, "Xia Xian, go back and do manual work. Don’t delay the day."
Feather and Cen couldn’t see Ye Zhiqiu’s expression, but they still heard the sadness in his voice. Just as they were scratching their heads to observe the plot changes, Ye Xia ran up like a March rabbit and jumped off in a boat. Ye Zhiqiu, a normally graceful man, stumbled down the lake and left like a drunk. His back was sunny and lonely, which made them wonder that the protagonist Acacia Moon went to the pavilion to see the scenery as if the whole thing were her.
"What does this scene mean?" Feather fierce blinked.
Cen also suspected hu to blink "very strange expression, you people from Donglu are too subtle" < d Chapter 77 Marriage conditions
Text] Chapter seventy-seven Marriage conditions-
The boat slipped out of the narrow waterway in reed dng. Ye Xia jumped to the shore excitedly and ran to a tree to pull the reins and turn over. The horse went away like a smoke. The man was not alert and didn’t know that there were a pair of sharp eyes watching him behind another big tree until he was far away. L gave a vicious smile after walking out of the tree.
"It turns out that Ye Zhiqiu has hidden here, and the poor old man hasn’t died yet?"
Hua Nan walked slowly to the edge of reed dng and looked at the yellow and white S sneer.
"It’s a good place to kill and set fire."
There seems to be a flame burning in his eyes. He felt that he had seen the picture turn around soon. He went back in the direction of Ye Xia and walked slowly to be shrouded in great joy. The man was not alert and didn’t know that there was a pair of indifferent eyes behind another big tree. He didn’t walk out of the tree until he was far away. L smiled elegantly.
It turns out that Lingfengtang really doesn’t have much strength to track Ye Xia with thousands of people. nv secretly thinks about poor Kyushu’s second assassin group and puts on airs. She blinks and feels a little tired. She stayed up all night near Censhou Ye’s home. She didn’t see a thousand machines until shortly after Censhou returned to reed dng in Li Qian. She was still looking forward to seeing the appearance of thinking evil. After tracking a thousand machines, she realized that this thousand machines were actually coming out to track Ye Xia. According to her inference, thinking evil was, of course, hiding Ye’s family. This made her think of another way to think about Ye’s
Dragged out a boat from a reed, little nv lightly propped up the long-pole boat, bi Waterway quickly slid into the depths of the reed, and the cold wind stirred little nv’s hair, gently floating dng, a touch of sorrow, and S’s delicate face couldn’t be waved away. She thought of not thinking about evil, and even more thought of the cold face before leaving. Maybe winter is coming, and little nv murmured hard to pierce the long pole into the water, and the boat was faster.
"Little girl, is it wrong for a nv person to love two men at the same time?"
Looking at the lake, the B pattern is so green that it can’t see the bottom. A heart seems to have no bottom. The spirit stands still and doesn’t know what it sees.
At the edge of the kiosk, a head poked like blng silver hair and hung upside down like a curtain. Cen smiled and said, "I can’t answer this question."
Acacia suddenly smiled, "I almost forgot that you are still a little girl. Isn’t it cold?"
Cen spit spit tongue shrank his head back and turned to call feather "let’s go? What are you blushing for? "
"jing is radiant"
"Why is it white again?"
"anti-cold waxing"
Cen pulled his arm and laughed. "Go and sing" Outwit Tiger Mountain "?"
Feathering was pulled and jumped by her. The kiosk also recalled the scene just now. This beautiful little nv pating edge has a buttock and acacia month dialogue is very indecent, but it really makes him blush and want to punch two times.
"I really envy you for being young. I haven’t seen your smiling faces for a long time." Acacia sat at the table with her head propped up in her right hand and watched them frolicking. It’s still that natural amorous feelings. "I’ve been guarding my identity with trepidation since I became a spirit, but the sun can’t hide secrets after all."
Cen sneer at a "you this woman also should have this karma"
"Really?" Acacia Moon smiled faintly, "I apologize if I recalled your unhappy memories that night" and paused slightly. "Little sister, there are too many dark elements in your heart, but I am a little worried that you will be swallowed up by darkness."
Feather a stare blankly slant head looking at nearby nv child found that her smiling face suddenly sank a lot of canthus brow unexpectedly had a killing airflow L can’t help secretly surprised and hurriedly squeezed Cen’s hand to pull her behind him. He tried to change the topic "I said, sister, is your identity discovered?"
Acacia Moon smiled at him in a meaningful way. "The greatest advantage of this kid is that he is gentle, but it is hard to guarantee that this will not become your weakness."
Feather cried the red in the face and quietly let go, but the hand hasn’t shrunk back and was gripped tightly. No, I don’t think he knows it’s Cengan, but it’s soft, smooth and greasy, and I don’t want to get rid of it again.
The lovesick month shifted his embarrassment and said, "My identity will be revealed after Master Ye’s memorial service on July 7th, but I’m not ready for my own way. It’s ridiculous to think that I’ve lived for 400 years, and it’s the first time I feel uncertain about doing things."