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Broken waves wondered what Master was doing with Nie Feng. But he nodded and said "yes, master"

Soon Nie Feng arrived. "Head coach, did you want to see me?"
"Well," Ulrich nodded and smiled. "There is something to find you. I promised your mother that I would give you a set of gentle techniques. Although your mother will not be able to do it in the future, I still want to give you martial arts."
Chen Yan is a man of integrity, and people who don’t keep integrity have little wisdom.
At that time, it seemed like a joke for Ulrich and Yan Ying to say that they wanted Nie Feng’s martial arts in front of the overlord, but Ulrich had to do it when he spoke.
Nie Feng’s personality is very suitable for practicing health promotion.
Nie Feng said with surprise, "Do you know my mother, Chief Coach?"
Ulrich nods, "Your mother and I are not familiar with each other for a few times … Well, let’s get down to business. I’ll teach you this martial art called health promotion, not to fight, but to keep fit, it will have a miraculous effect. It’s good for you to practice in a profound environment, and you will naturally be white."
Nie Feng a face of excitement, "is the head coach".
Some requirements for the introduction of the first level of health promotion are not as low as Tai Ji Chuan’s. Guidance is not suitable for people with impatience and patience.
Health-keeping guide is a physical exercise, but it is also a mental exercise.
Breaking waves is not suitable for practicing health guidance.
There are nine dynamic breathing methods in the first layer of health promotion, which is also relatively simple. It took Nie Feng more than half an hour to master the essentials.
Ulrich said to Nie Feng, "You remember the first achievement method of the introduction, and concentrate on practicing after you go back. If there is anything you don’t understand, please ask me when you will practice the first achievement method to Dacheng, and I’ll give you the second achievement method."
Nie Feng said, "Thank you, head coach."
Nie Feng’s way back was blocked by broken waves.
"Broken waves, why are you here?" Nie Feng asked.
Instead of answering, Duanlang asked, "Nie Feng, what does my master want with you?"
Nie Feng told the truth, "Manager Chen gave me a set of martial arts health guidance."
Health promotion in the heart of broken waves? Sounds like a great name. What master didn’t give it to me?
"Nie Feng, can you practice health guidance for me?" Broken waves said, "Of course, if you can’t talk outside, forget it."
Nie Feng said, "Manager Chen didn’t say that you can’t break the waves. You are the younger brother of Manager Chen, and you will definitely learn the guidance in the future. Since you want to see it, I will give you a rehearsal."
Health promotion is like fitness gymnastics, which is slower than Tai Ji Chuan’s. There is no attack power. Seeing that you are worried about Nie Feng, you suddenly lose interest.
He wondered if Master was fooling Nie Feng?
Broken waves think that talons and iron cloth shirts are really powerful martial arts.
When Nie Feng returned to her residence, she happened to meet a little girl. She was Kong Ci.
"Master Feng Wang asked you to go to the hall. Master Frost and Master Yun have passed," said Kong Ci.
Nie Feng said in a surprised, "Master wants to see me? I’m going to the main hall. "
Come to the main hall
Nie Feng respectfully asked, "What did you do, Fenger?"
Nie Feng didn’t dare to hide anything about Chen Yanshou’s martial arts. After that, Nie Feng looked at our hero with a face of fear of blaming him.
Our hero smiled and said, "Your mother asked Chen Yan to teach you martial arts. Did the teacher know that Chen Yan was still a trustworthy person? Since coach Chen has given you martial arts, you should study hard, but don’t give you the teacher’s leg?"
Nie Feng breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It’s Master."
At Qin Shuang, Bu Jingyun and Nie Feng, Xiong said, "It’s important for the teacher to close for a few days. Don’t disturb the old man until he comes out."
Qin Shuang, Bu Jingyun and Nie Feng looked at each other and nodded, "It’s Master."
They think it’s normal for master to practice in isolation.
Xiongba came to the chamber of secrets
He changed into a night suit and wore a black iron glove. The cold light flashed in his eyes and sneered, "You shouldn’t go back to heaven. Your swordsmanship, hidden weapons and boxing are all at their peak, but the old man will still kill you."
"This black iron glove is stronger and sharper than it is said that the iron god of the iron core island personally made it several times before it went to the old hands. I don’t believe you. hidden weapons can wear out black iron gloves."
Xiong is very afraid of Chen Yanfei’s sword, but with the black iron gloves, he feels confident that he can get rid of Chen Yanfei.
Kill Chen Yan tonight.
Chapter 261 Tacit assassination times limit
When Chen Yanzheng was preparing to rest, he suddenly felt a little uneasy. Ordinary people don’t pay attention to this kind of thing on a whim, but Chen Yanzheng is different. His mood is very high and he has surpassed the realm of great masters.