He also wants to turn back.
Accurately speaking, Su Mo never wanted to take the initiative to set foot here.
Su Mo came here because he took the road.
Now, if you turn around, you will encounter the pursuit of others.
What’s more, it is impossible for Su Mo to retreat easily by relying on the guidance and persistence of the night spirit to get here.
"No refund?"
Friar Grey frowned and whispered, "This is tricky. I can’t let you follow me to ruin my event."
"You go your way, I go my way, and you and I don’t interfere with each other." Sumo was also quite afraid of this gray monk and didn’t want to have a conflict
Friar Grey was silent for a moment before shaking his head. "No, that’s too risky. Since you don’t retreat, it’s no wonder that I am."
When I heard these words, Su Mo’s face changed and I didn’t want to beat him immediately.
The distance between them is extremely close.
If the accident Su Mo is seventy percent sure to suppress this grey monk!
A clear footprint appeared on the ground after a plough step, and the soil splashed around.
Almost instantly Su Mo came to the grey robe monk to carry the blood body, and the tide was surging, accompanied by thunder and lightning, which was terrible!
In the face of Su Mo’s first move, I heard Su Mo’s body shaking, and the monk in gray robe was not a little scared, but a little curious at a glance.
"So powerful blood force?"
"How do you practice?"
Su Mo spoke not a word, but moved his arm with a backhand blow, hitting the head of the grey robe monk like a big seal suddenly falling.
"Not bad, not bad"
In the face of Su Mo, this type of grey robe monk doesn’t flash or avoid and has the idea to nod and praise.
See grey robe monk suddenly leaned out folding fan toward Sue ink wrist gently.
This extremely fast, late-comer, first-Mover, and accurate timing is also accurate!
Su Mo’s wrist was numb, and the power of this punch quietly melted away.
Immediately after Su Mo’s wrist, there was a piercing pain in the cone, as if it were broken!
Friar Gray chuckled and pulled out a rope from somewhere and threw it in the direction of Sumo, saying, "Bundle!"
This rope quickly wound up Su Mo’s body and tied his arms and feet around his sides round and round.
In an instant, Su Mo was trapped by this humble rope and couldn’t move!
A black shadow darted out.
"Don’t move at night!"
Su Mo hurriedly stopped night spirit.
In fact, the monk in gray robe made a move for a moment. Su Mo has realized that this person is by no means the early days of preconditions.
It may be a real person then, or it may be a real gentleman Yuan Ying.
Little grey robe monk practice realm far beyond him.
It’s useless for such a powerful monk to rush at night, and he may be killed by the grey robe monk!
The night spirit stopped, his eyes were cold, and the monk in the gray robe leaned deep into his head and throat, and a burst of low growl and murder was cold.
The monk in grey robe came to the night spirit and squatted down and said with a smile, "You black dog cub have a lot of nerve. How dare you kill me?"
One person and one beast are very close!
The night spirit can arrive as soon as it raises its hand.
But after a long time, the night spirit didn’t make a move, but his eyes were still cold
Friar Grey smiled, stretched out a folding fan and nodded his head. "It’s ok. It’s quite clever. You’re deadly."