"Why did this person come from someone who worked so hard to forge a congenital multiplier? It’s a blessing that this guy actually engages in mass production?"

"This is worse than a fart!"
The cold is like being struck by lightning. The whole person is staring at his eyes and his mind is blank. He keeps shaking his head. "This is impossible!"
Repeated blows have left him in a trance.
Chapter nine hundred and forty-seven Declare war!
Sue ink see the situation is set, then gently waved to 36 handle fly sword away.
Anyway, his flying sword is not a congenital multiplier after all. If it is exposed for too long, it will not happen.
Thirty-six flying swords are not much even if they are condensed together.
Sue ink palm with a casual eyebrow with 36 handle fly sword has sad interest in his right eye!
"Even if this refiner wins for you, you can’t say anything!"
The speaker sitting in the front of the Temple of Ghost Fire is the only Taoist name’ Lian Feng’ that returns to the virtual road during his trip to the Temple of Ghost Fire.
Everyone knows that the words spoken by the Hall of Ghost Fire mean that you have given up.
Taoist Lian Feng said slowly with a black face, "No one can beat our temple master when the master of refining the vessel fights for your hundred smelting doors!"
"That’s not necessarily."
Su Mo said simply, "If you don’t have a tea party, Bailianmen will come to you, and I’m afraid you won’t dare to fight!"
The refined door and all the people were guilty.
They know very well that no one can surpass the master of the Temple of Ghost Fire in the refining level of the Sect!
And Sue ink dare to say such a thing is naturally due to extreme fire!
After the tea party, the extremely hot Daojun will remould his body and return strongly.
His achievements in refining the Tao will never be lost to the Lord of the Temple of Ghost Fire!
"Well, we’ll see!"
Road flyover Lian Feng sneers at one
Su Mo returned the cauldron to Nangong Lingcai, turned around and looked at Lan Yue’s way not far away. "It should be clear that the elder is fighting for the victory or defeat of the cauldron. Please give me tea!"
Lan Yue Dao Jun has a hundred unwilling hearts.
But at this time, in the eyes of the public, she naturally could not have broken the rules of Qianhe Gate.
Taking a deep breath, Lanyue Daojun calmed down and said slowly, "Give tea!"
Soon a steaming cup of extremely mysterious tea was handed to Su Mo.
The elder of Qianhemen Fajing nodded and smiled at Su Mo with a kind attitude. "This tea is suitable for drinking while it is hot, and Yuan Shen will realize the mystery."
"Thank you, senior"
Su Mo took the extremely mysterious tea but didn’t drink it, but returned to Bailian Gate with a teacup.
Several eyes stared at the suffocating Su Mo and handed the extremely mysterious tea to Liu Yanyan!
Group repair!
You know, the real focus of Qianhe Tea Party is this mysterious tea.
Zhongzhou Yuanying’s Tianjiao gathered here to have a cup of Tongxuan tea.
Even ordinary Tongxuan tea is a great honor.
Not to mention only five cups of extremely mysterious tea!
The tea party has been going on until now. To be precise, Su Mo has two cups left in this cup!
And now he has sent this cup of extremely mysterious tea out!
"Isn’t this Mo Ling’s hand too luxurious?"
"Just now, I sent out a congenital true gentleman multiplier, and now even the extremely mysterious tea is sent out."
"No, I already like him."
A thousand cranes door female repair show obsession with color novel way
Another woman also murmured, "I really can’t stand this cup of extremely mysterious tea. I would have fainted from happiness …"
All the refined doors were staring at their eyes with amazement.
Many people look at Su Mo and Liu, who are circling back and forth with smoke, and look strange.
Isn’t it possible that this beautiful woman has been taken?
Such as Xuan heart some envy, but also some not flavour.
The nangongshan ling look dim.
As time went on, he found that the gap between his little granduncle and granduncle was getting farther and farther.
I’m afraid there are willow smoke-laden to know that Su Mo has no affair with her children.
"Don’t think about it."
Su Mo said softly, "It’s hard to heal Yuan Shen when he is injured because of the failure of gathering spirits with smoke. This cup of extremely mysterious tea can cure her Yuan Shen."
Ruxuan and Nangong Ling moved in their hearts.
They can hear this sentence Su Mo said to them.
Nangong Ling giggled with relief and turned to Liu Hanyan. "Yes, if you drink this cup of tea with smoke, your Yuan Shen’s injury is likely to heal immediately!"
"But you won this cup of tea from granduncle."