Fanfan was depressed. When she got up, grandpa told her that her father had come back. She was kind. She missed her father and hadn’t seen him for a long time. She remembered to call him and forgot what he was like.

Grandpa said that Dad was tired and needed to rest first so that she could go out for a walk with Grandpa.
When she got home, it was time to have breakfast. Before Mom and Dad got up, she clumsily pushed her mother’s door.
Mom and dad sleep like pigs. Oh, they don’t wake up. She can’t even see mommy’s face when she climbs out of bed!
When you see mommy, lie prone. Mommy has a shoulder exposed. Mommy falls asleep without clothes on.
Her little hand, Mommy, pushed her shoulder. "Mommy, get up! Get up! "
Yuanyuan woke up in pain to see her daughter sitting on the bed, looking at them innocently. She got a fright and the horse remembered that she was wearing nothing under the bed.
"Where you go first, Dad didn’t come back until late last night to sleep. Where you are good, go first." Yuanyuan said to her daughter.
"Mommy is not good and sleeps late." Fan Fan looked at Mommy with a flat mouth or Xiao Li.
The wind also woke up, and he was lazy and opened his eyes.
Fanfan already has some doubts about her father. Look at her face in doubt and then hesitate to call her "father".
It’s strange for Fanfan to look at himself. It’s almost a year since he left home. Fanfan can’t remember that he is too normal.
The wind is a little sad. He must spend some time with his daughter at home this time.
"Fanfan, why don’t you go for a while and mom and dad will go upstairs and have breakfast with Fanfan?" Yuanyuan grasped the sheets and said to her daughter
Fanfan looked at her father and then at her mother and nodded.
When I climbed into bed, Fanfan didn’t forget to say "Fanfan waits for Mom and Dad" to Mom and Dad.
Yuanyuan smiled and nodded to her daughter.
As soon as the daughter leaves Yuanyuan, she will get up. The wind will hug her waist and keep her lips. His neck rubs and rubs his hands all the way from her waist.
"Come on, let’s get up or our daughter will come in soon," Yuanyuan said, pushing him.
"Grandpa won’t watch her," said the wind, jumping out of bed and locking the door in the past.
Yuanyuan was dumbfounded by the man’s dark body, lithe and slender legs, thin waist and round ass. She couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of water, so she couldn’t bear to blink her beautiful eyes.
"Wait a minute." When she came over, her eyes fell on his waist. There was a scar here and it was slightly pink. It was new when she saw it. Her eyes were red and she almost fell to tears and touched his waist scar. "This is new."
"It’s just a minor injury." The pneumatic drill went to bed and hugged her, caressing her beautiful little face and whispering "Yuan Er"
"You are not already a head? How can you still get hurt? " Yuanyuan’s mind is still there for his waist injury.
"It’s always careless and it’s a minor injury." The wind said and held her lip and pressed her whole body.
"How long do you have?" She asked in the gap between his lips
"There is half a month and it won’t be too long in my place." The wind tasted her lips and rubbed her chest back and forth.
"Really? Are you going to transfer back? " Yuanyuan snorted. When his lips fell on her chest again, she almost called out. This man is now in the mood to flirt with her and lick her back and forth. Her body was quickly pulled out of the reaction abdomen, and she arched her hand slightly. His back slipped.
The man hasn’t shaved for many days, and the stubble scraped her delicate skin, and she felt numb and itchy.
"Husband" She consciously called him.
"I’m here, Luca brasi, I’m here," he said, pulling her leg and leaning in first.
Luca brasi twisted her body for a long time. Last night, everyone was too tired and didn’t do anything about it. Now that she has slept, she has a natural energy. First, she wants to get rid of it. First, this man’s hands are getting more and more evil, so she fiddles with the trickling spring water and slips out.
"Luca brasi" his lips to her ear.
"Huh?" She looked misty and saw that he was sweating on his forehead, so she wanted to look up and kiss him.
Who knows that his kiss came hard, which was accompanied by deeper possession.
She snorted. Her hand was rising so deeply that she pushed him away, but she wanted to be closer to him.
The wind is blocking her lips mercilessly at the moment, and this time it is particularly lasting until Yuanyuan herself is going to die.
Suddenly the door rang and someone knocked at the door.