As soon as the first cavalry horse reached the edge of the city wall, he was ready to jump. In the whole Blue Wolf clan, his riding skills are counted. There is an unwritten rule in the Blue Wolf clan that if the first one breaks the deadlock and rushes into the enemy pile, the warrior will reward you ten times more than others if you have something to do after the war.

In the back, Herbatu was planning to enjoy his elite performance. I didn’t know that there was an accident. The cavalry horse suddenly fell to the ground with its front legs tilted. Even if the cavalry riding was superb, it didn’t take into account that the whole person was directly thrown out and fell from the high-speed galloping horse. It was not interesting to see the cavalry rolling for a long time before stopping. When he stopped, he was covered in rags and already dead.
Before Herbatu came to surprise him, he vomited blood, and the front charge momentum happened one by one, and they were thrown out by their war horses. The front hoofs of those war horses were obviously trapped by something, and the crisp bone fracture sound could be heard far away. Of course, this is not the worst. You know, when you see that there is no infantry defense in front of you, Herbatu and a bunch of green wolves let their guard down and jumped over the low wall. Their horse speed has reached the maximum, and the people in front suddenly fell without warning, and the cavalry roots behind them did not slow down and turn. So, like a sugar-coated gourd, Hu Hu hit the front steed, and as a result, he fell down and was trampled to death by the cavalry behind him. Before he hit the city striker, two or three thousand people were trampled by themselves to eliminate July 7th.
Seeing this, even a fool knows that he has been trapped, but Herbatu can’t watch his own people cry and be moved to prevent this from happening again. He jumped off his horse and marched with his own troops. He wants to know what happened to Xia people, and he let himself suffer so many casualties without moving a single soldier.
When he walked to the front, Herbatu felt that his ankle was tilted and he almost sat directly on the ground. At this time, he found that the ground was full of many potholes, each of which was just the size of a fist. It was strange that a horse stepped into this pothole at high speed and didn’t break his horse’s leg. Looking at these potholes around him, a chill spread directly from the back of Herbatu. If his army had just been crushed, even if it was alive, there would be no so-called trap. It was calm when it was not started. Once it was started, it was conan the destroyer. Of course, Herbatu didn
Looking at the strange weapons in front of people’s hands, even after the big wind and waves, Herbatu couldn’t help but shout out, "Fly … Flying Xiong Jun? !”
At present, the people who rushed out were not other troops. It was the Flying Bear Army that once killed the green wolf clan outside Rongcheng. At this time, Hua Yong, a veteran dressed in armor, shouted with a discerning broadsword in his hand, "The grassland is quite grandpa’s strategy, but it has blinded your dog’s eyes." !” After saying his word, he cut off the head of a blue wolf cavalry with a broadsword in his hand.
It turns out that this is a conspiracy wrong, or because Hua Yong knows that Rongcheng will never let grassland people break through, but there is no way to stop them from fleeing for these disasters that come and go like the wind. However, judging from the fact that the flying bear army captured the bodies of horses that were not well-developed, their supplies must be very insufficient. Hua Yong makes a small city outside Rongcheng regularly pull out more than a dozen cars of grain every day, causing the illusion of sending food to Rongcheng to seduce grassland cavalry hooks.
Because there were so many people in Rongcheng, Hua Yong decided that the Blue Wolf clan was scared for a while and wouldn’t attack the city for a long time. On the first day of making this plan, he took his own elite flying bear army to ambush the Yugoslav capital, and all those things were handed over to his deputy. When Hua Yong arrived in Tucheng, the first thing he did was to dig a pit outside the city with everyone taking advantage of the night.
In fact, Herbatu didn’t doubt that there was such a coincidence in this world. He just found the grain delivery team when he was short of food here, but there is a reason why Yang Mou is called Yang Mou. Even though you know that there may be a trap ahead, you have no choice. If Herbatu can’t get supplies, you have to take a chance.
Flying bear army came to be an elite infantry capable of fighting against cavalry, not to mention that now almost all the blue wolves have lost their horses, and now it is a complete massacre. The sickle has become the best tool to harvest the blue wolves.
The blue wolf clan has been concerned about these monsters who can deal with themselves since they came. Seeing that they are so reckless in slaughtering their companions, many people have no courage to resist. Anyway, they just fell to seven meat products, so it is better to have a good time.
After Hua Yong hacked to death a few pawns, he felt unsatisfied. When he saw one side stunned, Herbatu shouted, "Bite me!"
Bayin, the deputy of Herbatu, worked hard to push his leader, but he was not so lucky. He was directly stabbed by Hua Yong. Before he died, he was still saying, "Leader, let’s go!"
Perhaps he was awakened by the blood of Bayin, and his mind looked at the battlefield. Herbatu gritted his teeth and shouted "Withdraw!" Twist a head to run to his horse.
Those green wolves behind fled the battlefield with Herbatu because they didn’t get too deep into the battlefield. They didn’t dare to go back and run hard behind the vault, for fear that they would run slowly.
When Herbatu came to his senses, there were less than 2,000 people left in the cavalry. When Herbatu saw that he was covered in wounded parts, he regretted why he had to go to this muddy water. Although it was not his home, he was still at ease.
"Chief, what shall we do now?" After Bayin’s death, his heart was left with Chaolu.
"We will go to the Western Regions and we will never step into the summer soil." Herbatu seems to be a teenager and his eyes are dull.
"But we have hay …" Chaolu said carefully.
"Kill the horse if you can’t hold it," Herbatu said, feeling his heart was bleeding.
Living by killing horses, these fighting spirit green wolves have finally retreated to the Xiling boundary. In front of them, Luoque Valley can get supplies from Nangong Jinyu. Although their strength is greatly damaged, at least some Nangong Jinyu will not kick down the ladder now.
However, when they walked out of Luoque Valley, the golden wolf flag fluttered in front of them and more than 10,000 cavalry ready to go made Herbatu fall into despair.
Looking at the panic not far away, amuer was very surprised that he didn’t understand why he would meet a prairie traitor in this place, saying that he was now in the place but far exceeded his expectations
"General yan maybe you have clairvoyance and clairvoyance? Know that Herbatu is still like this when he comes back to this place? " Amuer was curious about what Yan Yun had directly brought himself to Luoque Valley.
To amuer’s surprise, Yan Yun shook his head. "Brother Jin Daohan, I don’t have clairvoyance, but I have a letter to my comrades-in-arms. I don’t know where Herbatu will go and what he will do, but I know that if he attacks our Rongcheng, he will be cleaned up by that old undead thing. The Flying Bear Army is a natural cavalry nemesis. If Herbatu is defeated, he will definitely leave Xiling for help and Luoque Valley is the only way for them."
Of course, it’s hard to say that the secret of the Flying Bear Army is too straightforward, but amuer has no mind to think about these things. It is the most important thing to eliminate Herbatu in front of him. If the blue wolf clan disappears from now on, the grassland will be much safer.
When amuer appeared in front of his eyes with the Golden Wolf Guard, Herbatu knew that he was finished. There were less than 300 horses left before the Xiling boundary. Without the horses, the cavalry was not as good as a battle-hardened infantry, not to mention that the morale of the soldiers had fallen to the bottom. I am afraid that now it is a true green wolf god, and it will not be too big in this world.
"Leader, before they attack, it is not difficult for you to go back to the Western Regions by riding a fast horse. My brothers and I will cover you here." Chaolu saw that the Golden Wolf Guard had no intention of attacking and thought that this was Herbatu’s last chance to leave here.
Even though the Qinglang people were badly hit, they were still very loyal to Herbatu. A rider jumped directly from his horse and was handed to Chaolu Chaolu by the reins. This is one of the few horses that still has strength.
Look at the people around you. Herbatu turned his horse over directly. Once upon a time, his horse was to command thousands of horses. The huge title of the Wolf clan was almost achieved by his machete and the surrounding warriors. Now he has to be reduced to abandon his right-hand man to escape? Chaolu’s eyes flashed with a sense of death, and it was the same when Ba Yin blocked the knife for himself and advised himself to leave.
"It’s time for the brothers of the Blue Wolf clan to let the opposite people know who the real prairie people are. We, the Blue Wolf clan, should write about our own strangeness with our own machetes!" Just finished saying that Herbatu rushed out directly with a clip of horse belly, and it became a lost dog. It is better to do a vigorous fight than to fall into the name of his own grassland.
Herbatu moved too fast. Chao Lugan didn’t expect his leader to make such a move, but in his heart, although he was willing to admit that he was more pleasing to the eye than a grassland man who fled in a hurry.
Perhaps it was driven by Herbatu’s spirit of going forward. Except for dozens of soldiers who had given up fighting spirit, the rest of them were thinking about amuer Golden Wolf Wei Chong. This is the grassland people’s nature that they would rather die in the charge road than live in the land of begging for mercy.
Prairie people are the most respected heroes. Although the positions of the enemy and the enemy are recognized, it doesn’t mean that amuer won’t give them a decent way to die as warriors. If they turn their heads and run well, they don’t mind letting their hands shoot them into a sieve. However, they have chosen a frontal charge, and they must give them respect.
"Give them a decent plan," amuer said to his QinBing captain.
Zetu rushed over with a thousand teams. Although Zetu hated the man who threw the grassland into chaos three times and five times, Herbatu finally won his respect.
Both sides are a cliff-facing blue wolf cavalry, so most of them will be damaged. Of course, this is inevitable. Recently, the blue wolf clan has been running around and can’t get supplies. How can it be a golden wolf guard opponent? Although Herbatu is braver than hacking two golden wolf guards, it is no joke to get a deep bone cut on his back.
Chaolu’s left arm was directly cut off by a cavalry machete, but he didn’t care about waiting for a charge. Although dozens of brothers were injured in front of him, who could see the fighting spirit in their eyes?
"Green Wolf clan charge! !” I didn’t expect that it was Herbatu who attacked again. To tell the truth, not only amuer but also Yan Yun respected them. To tell the truth, it was not that amuer, a blue wolf family, didn’t want to let them go, but Herbatu clearly saw that amuer intended to live through the mercy of the enemy. This was the biggest insult to him. Herbatu didn’t intend to give him this opportunity to rush directly.
Then amuer knew that he was going to become the warrior name of Herbatu without talking, so he launched an attack again with his own thousand troops. After this brief encounter, one of the Green Wolf clan was left with a knife wound, especially his right leg, which almost cut off his leg bone. He was stabbed in Chaolu by a golden wolf guard and knew that he wanted to survive. He jumped directly from the horse and hugged the opposite cavalry and fell to the ground together. Then both of them were trampled to the ground by horseshoes.
Herbatu knows that he is left alone now. An attack is the last charge of the Blue Wolf clan, which is different from the time when he was in the south of Lincheng. The Blue Wolf clan has no reserve force, but it is better to turn into a fawning dog than to fight and charge and die.
"Green Wolf clan! Kill! " Herbatu felt that the blood in his mouth could not be suppressed, so he vomited hard and tried his last strength to charge for the last time in his life.
After hacked to death a golden wolf guard, Herbatu finally fell off his horse with several machetes in his body, and the grassland was so lean that it fell from generation to generation from the future green wolf clan to the grassland population.
Looking at the ground without closing his eyes, Herbatu amuer whispered, "Give him a good burial. We prairie people have the highest etiquette." No matter what kind of person Herbatu was before his death, he won his respect at the last minute.
When they packed up Herbatu’s body, amuer felt that it was time to leave. Although he accepted the request of his sister and the Northern Yan Wang Bai Qiao to help him, it was necessary for Herbatu to never stay here again after his death. After all, judging from the performance of those civilians, the hatred between the summer and the prairie people would not be solved for a long time. If his troops stayed here, they would even cause unnecessary trouble.
It took amuer a few days with his golden wolf to finally reach the Xiling border. At this time, Yan Yun didn’t know what he admired, understood and became a good friend with Tu Meng, the leader of the barbarian tribe. The prairie people were generous to themselves, and when their temper was so short, they had become good brothers with Tu Ze, the captain of amuer Qinbing.
"General Yan, don’t send it here." amuer took the reins and said to Yan Yun that going forward is the territory of Beiyan. Although he and the king of Beiyan are like brothers, some things are better to avoid suspicion
"Good, just as I want to go back and retrain our Xiling fighters, then I won’t send them. See you later." Yan Yun has a heavy fist, so people should never meet each other on the battlefield
"General Yan, wait a minute. I have something for you." amuer stopped him and planned to leave Yan Yun.
Seeing Yan Yun’s full face of doubt, amuer jumped up from his horse with a smile. "How can there be no good horse as commander-in-chief of the cavalry? This chasing wind in the grassland is a first-class good horse. If General Yan doesn’t dislike it, just accept it."
Amuer’s words are too modest. Who is he? The grassland is majestic. The golden sword and sweaty hip mount has been in a thousand choices. To be honest, this horse’s nose is strict and the mount is one hundred times stronger that day.
When I heard the news, I almost couldn’t help myself. I don’t like money, beautiful women don’t like high officials and rich people, but I just have a soft spot for BMW. I can’t say it when I see this horse in front of me.
When Yan Yun reacts, the reins are already in his own hands. Yan Yun’s consciousness has clenched the reins in his hand. Anyone who grabs Yan Yun with him will definitely fight hard with him.
Seeing that Yan Yun was so nervous that he loved horses, amuer didn’t worry that it would be treated badly. When he looked up, he found that all the remaining Xiling cavalry were looking at himself with burning eyes. These people and Yan Yun had the same virtue that they liked BMW.
Zetu knew what he was thinking, so Nai shook his head. He asked several commanders to grow horses and give them to those hungry Xiling cavalry. Anyway, prairie people usually have three or four mounts. It’s a little painful to give away their best one, but it’s the best of both worlds to get married.
"General Yan, this chasing after the wind is my reward for helping me eliminate the blue wolf clan. Of course, there is also a gift from my brother-in-law." amuer continued
"The world also has gifts?" Yan Yun looked away from chasing the wind.
Of course, my sister is going to marry her brother-in-law. It seems that it’s impossible for her to be a little brother’s hands. When General Yan has chosen the personnel, Xiling fighters and horses, we prairie people will take it as my sister’s dowry! "
Amuer’s words made Yan Yun stupefied.
You know, the key to the formation of cavalry is the problem of war horses. In a sense, these war horses are more precious than cavalry bodies. After all, there are not many places where horses are produced in this country in summer. In the past, when the king of Ling fought in the corner of the border, it took a lot of effort and money to get the war horses of Xiling Iron Riding Army. There are all 5,000 flying bears, which is a big reason. This is also the most dissatisfied place for Huayong. In this veteran’s view, summer should be the owner of infantry.
Looking at the Han in front of him, he was so excited that he didn’t know what to say. amuer and the cavalry around him laughed in good faith, but whether it was Yan Yun or those fighters who just got a good Ma Xiling, they should be able to restore their former glory. Don’t tell jokes. He just asked them to take off their clothes and dance for everyone.
In fact, this 3,000 war horse is a lot of wealth even for the grassland, but amuer thinks it’s still a very cost-effective deal, not to mention himself and Mu Qingfeng’s relatives. It’s hard to estimate the benefits that his grassland has gained through the border market in just a few short years. In fact, the former grassland people attacked the border in the summer because it was difficult to maintain things like tea pig iron and salt in their daily lives, which was simply impossible to meet. Since Beiyan became a wing of the border market, the situation has been greatly alleviated. Besides, the Xia people and the grassland people in the border city have become extremely harmonious after the attack of the Green Wolf clan. After all, it is difficult for people who have crossed the battlefield together to be brothers. After the war, there was an intermarriage between the grassland people and the Xia people in the border city. It is certain that Mu Qingfeng will rule a corner of the king’s tomb. It is still worthwhile for these three thousand horses to get a good marriage.
Just when Herbatu failed to attack Beiyan and was sent to Xiling for refuge, Quannai Jiuyuan and Takeda Hararo also set foot on the land in the east. This time, there is a big difference that Jiakang did not send troops. When Quannai emissary came to Jiakang territory, Jiakang was rarely silent after listening to the imperial daughter plan. You know, he is the most supportive of the royal family. Even his own brother, Jiakang Chengdu, was confused.