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Staff Liu looked at the No.2 ship and shouted, "I fucking salute you!"

Force swept his one eye and immediately shouted at the signalman next to him and said, "Ma Zhi’s naval command said that the seven-area Chen fleet had a fire on our frontier waters, and the main ship rushed out of many speedboats while taking advantage of the chaos. Some officers may have fled …"
Supply road no.3
Ge had just finished connecting with Bear when he heard a helicopter passing overhead.
The special team officer looked up and immediately said to Fu Zhenguo, "The commander is not good … we may have been discovered."
"Get ready to fight!" Ge shouted a.
Chapter DiErQiYi Guild War preparation area
Three helicopters in the packing area of the port passed by from the low to the middle.
About three or five seconds later, the original supply road was stuck, and the garrison troops suddenly and quickly formed a large number of soldiers to search for this side.
It is obvious that Fu Zhenguo and others have been found when the helicopter flies by.
"Armed personnel in the square packing area, put your weapons and raise your hands and walk out of the line of sight."
The co-pilot observer of the pilot helicopter shouted with a microphone 2.
Fang’s five special operations brigade military personnel took out smoke bombs from their tactical bags and threw them around for the first time.
The smoke bomb fell on the ground of the packing party and completely blocked this area in just a few seconds, especially when the helicopter looked around, it was the fog root that could not see the armed men in the packing channel clearly.
At the moment, the soldiers and officers of the naval command are not sure that Fu Zhenguo is hiding here, but the helicopter reports that there are more than 20 people here, and they are also very vigilant, so they report to the floor during the process of advancing.
The fierce battle soon started.
A large number of naval soldiers infiltrated from the entrances of the packing area.
A gunshot took the lead in suppressing a group of infiltrated soldiers on the periphery of the navy special forces soldiers.
"Mom always pays you to run out before the chaos." Ge tugged at Lao Fu’s collar and glared at his eyes. "There are too many of them!"
"People run out of the outside and die? !” Fu Zhenguo glared at his eyes and shouted, "Many people will have one more gun to work with them first, so they can live;" I’ll die here if I can’t come. "
With that, Fu Zhenguo stepped with a gun and rushed to the side road to help the special team soldiers stick to an alley.
The fierce gunfire rang and the helicopter kept calling the headquarters to report the situation here because they couldn’t participate in the war at all. First, the fog was smoke bombs, and they shot rashly, which would probably injure their soldiers by mistake. Second, the Navy Command demanded that the rebel officers be captured alive as much as possible.
Boxing Hu tong
Fu Zhenguo pointed out at the corner of the card. He joined the army since he was a teenager. Although he is currently in a high position, he has a good military literacy and is very accurate in shooting. At least he will not hold back the special team.
After the first wave of fire suppression, four special warfare players of Fu Zhenguo pressed more than a dozen people from the other side out of the narrow boxed alley.
A company commander of the enemy secretly pointed to the side by packing his body close to the entrance.
Five soldiers got the message and immediately took the gun and climbed to the packing surface along the outer wall. When the people arrived, they didn’t move again.
When the company commander saw five people go, he immediately made a forward gesture.
Another dozen people rushed in from the entrance and two people in front were carrying explosion-proof shields to resist the bullets.
Five people in the packing party walked forward with guns at their waists to prepare for a sneak attack.
The two sides exchanged fire. A soldier of the special team ran out of guns and all the bullets failed to resist the enemy’s advancing speed. Then he turned around and shouted, "General Fu can’t stop this place. We didn’t make smoke bombs. They rushed in in minutes as soon as they were scattered. Please hurry back and look for a chance to rush out from his exit."
Packing party
A clear shot went up, and a sniper from the boxing team in the southeast corner instantly killed the leader of five enemy soldiers.
The soldier was shot in the head on the spot and fell on his back.
The sniper moved the gun and killed two people again.
The helicopter body tilted to the left and a machine gun was aimed at the southeast corner 3.
"Dadada …!"
Machine gatling instantaneous roar.
On the spot, the officers of the special warfare team were smashed into pieces, and the whole packing was sifted by dense bullets.
"There are people in the face!"
The special team soldiers quickly evacuated backwards and pointed their guns obliquely at Fang.
Fu Zhenguo, who was in his fifties, threw away his rifle and stretched out his hand from the soldier’s waist. His forehead sweated and he looked at it.
A grenade was thrown from Fang.