Beique stopped saying anything, and Zuo Tangtang was a little confused. She could still tell that Beique was angry at this time, but she couldn’t understand what was angry, but it was just a "then". Otherwise, what could she say? What was she angry about this life?

Well, I guess it’s even before menopause when the gang pressure increases
Zuo Tangtang secretly lamented Beique at the bottom of his heart. If he knew what she was thinking, he would be in a worse mood.
"Ah! Wait, ahem. "I heard Beique calling Xiaoqi to put away his previous fishing. I took out his recent survey results and pretended to cough lightly. I cleared my throat and looked at it and said," Well, I … said it? "
"This lemon tea and Little Mushroom used to stay in a gang. It’s a friendship private gang called Warm Cat’s Nest. Wang is a younger sister named Warm Meow. According to the gang, it seems that there is friendship between the two people in reality. Later, Warm Meow didn’t play games. In the last A game, she gave the position of Wang to Little Mushroom. After a few days, she resigned from the position of Wang and went out to be a scattered person because she made friends with her. This gang is a friendship gang. This position of Wang came and went a few times at random. Others looked at the new Wang.
"I made friends with others and went out as a scattered person …" Zuo Tangtang’s consciousness repeated that the corners of his mouth evoked cool thin’s smile, which meant something.
"Huh?" The seven crows were puzzled by Zuo Tangtang’s interruption. Looking at Zuo Tangtang, he didn’t continue to talk. He continued "They later did not know how to do it for a few days. Anyway, now he is helping him in the evening song. He just handed over the gang records one by one. He sent them to me and I found that the sword name of this gang has also stayed."
"Sword name?" Previously sulking alone, Beique couldn’t help interrupting when I heard this.
"Yes, but it didn’t take long. I probably quit the gang the first day and the next day." Xiao Qi concluded, "But I heard that this lemon tea and the sword name are now in the same gang. Maybe the sword name stayed for a day at that time, but they were still connected."
"They may have been linked before," Zuo Tangtang said in a low voice. "Otherwise, how could he be willing to join a small gang that looks promising?"
"Didn’t this man leave one day and the next?" Liu Yi interjected, "Maybe he didn’t know this gang was retired until he entered?"
"It doesn’t matter how long he stayed. If they were friends before, it’s an attitude to join the gang." Zuo Tangtang paused. "It’s probably very common for a friend to join the gang because of his kind invitation. I believe he is absolutely capable of finding out the nature of this gang before joining the gang."
Although I can understand every word, I always prefer to solve things by force. Seven Crows listened to the fog and fog, and the channel was quiet again for a long time before he suddenly remembered that he had not finished his words. "That is, this sword name, lemon tea and small mushrooms have known each other for a long time. To some extent, it’s like hooves. When you suddenly attack the sword name, he still takes care of lemon tea."
"I haven’t been able to find out" Xiao Qi has some regrets "but I’m really sorry that the sword name didn’t make it difficult for you during this period, right?"
"It’s okay. I don’t have much time in this time line. I usually practice on my behalf. He rarely looks for me. Sometimes it’s just that he sent a private chat after my line. It doesn’t matter." Zuo Tangtang hung his eyebrows and didn’t know what he was thinking.
"I’m sorry, hoof and hoof" said earnestly after a while of fudge.
"What’s wrong with this?" Zuo Tangtang apologized for this sudden, and giggled at a loss.
"We agreed to help you find out the news, but up to now, we haven’t figured out which gang is behind the name of Chu Jian." Soft candy Shen said that the soy sauce around him was also low, and Xiaoqi didn’t say another word. The whole atmosphere in the channel was sorry.
"Nothing ~ You have found so much!" Zuo Tangtang comforted.
"But there is nothing in so many situations!" Soft candy is a little wronged and thinking about it. I can’t help but complain about the seven crows. "Look at him, check a message and go fishing at Xishan Waterfall!" Obviously, there is no heart! "
"How do you know I have no heart! I didn’t leave my sister’s photo in the hands of outsiders. Is it going to be destroyed after receiving the photo? " Listening to the fudge words makes me feel more guilty. Seven crows can’t help but refute "What about you?"! You still don’t know where to take a pot and get ready to fool photos! "
You know how scared he was when he looked at the eraser and was ready to exchange photos for pots!
However, after a quarrel with fudge, the sound of seven crows also dropped.
"I’m really sorry that I didn’t find hooves after checking so many times."
The channel was suddenly quiet again.
When Hoohoo left the gang, they didn’t take good care of her, which made her full of sadness and sadness. After going out for so long, they didn’t know what they had experienced, and they didn’t help her. Now their sister has finally come back, but she wants to protect her and even find the real culprit.
Just as the catwoman once asked Zuo Tangtang what she wanted to come back, she told him, soy sauce makers have always been trying to express their feelings in the most intuitive way, although they never care about the consequences of what they did.
It is also because of this that her heart is always soft for soy sauce makers.
At this time, because of her, they all feel so guilty about her virtue.
"Actually …" Zuo Tangtang chuckled. "You’ve found enough things for me. I also know the forces behind this Jiange. It’s a faint guess that you don’t have to check it again."
"What guess?" Beique asked
Zuo Tangtang paused and looked at the people waiting for an answer in the channel. The soy sauce players hesitated and slowly said, "Maybe there is some connection with the war."
"Why? !” I don’t know who lost ground in soy sauce and shouted
Beique looked at Zuo Tangtang, who didn’t say a word anymore, and seriously sank, "Can’t you say anything about hooves?"
"No, but there are also * * points."
Zuo Tangtang looked around for a week. She naturally knew that they were so nervous. Thought of this, she was somewhat amused. She no longer cared so much, but the soy sauce makers were always sensitive because of her, lest she be hurt a little.
Isn’t it because Mu Yun is idle in "War"?
For such a simple departure from the gang, such a lack of past feelings makes everyone attack them, and it is the most unbearable thing for them to play soy sauce.
But even in this way, they are as "stupid" as Zuo Tangtang, and they don’t believe that Muyun would do such a thing. At this moment, they are both nervous when they hear Zuo Tangtang’s words.
"In fact, it’s nothing strange to have such a result." Zuo Tangtang pretended as if it were true. "You see that Lemon Tea is now in a gang with Sword Name and we all know about Little Mushrooms, don’t we? Quit helping and be scattered? I’m afraid I know best who is in that group of scattered people. Since the little mushroom can let him come to his relatives and friends to help after the war, why not? "
A group of people didn’t speak
"Besides, it’s a good thing that people don’t understand that this equipment is much lost and hostility is much established. I’m afraid all the details are clear. Tell me who can bear the consequences now?" Word for word, Zuo Tangtang made it clear that "war is the greatest possibility" is to be continued.
[514] Chapter five hundred and fifteen Scared Erjin]
"Hoof hoof ~ ~" On Monday morning, as soon as I entered the company, I saw a figure coming straight from a distance and cheekily gathered in front of her. Who else could it be if it was not Erjin?
At the thought of all kinds of recent tossing, Zuo Tangtang pushed the "obstacle" straight ahead and ignored the latter’s wronged eyes.
"Hoof hooves! Are you swollen and broad … "
"Brush" a Zuo Tangtang threw two small-eye knives in the past, and Erjin immediately shut up and forcefully swallowed the following sentence "Do this to me".
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
"Do what" Zuo Tangtang gently hummed.
"Tang Tang ~ I did the math." Erjin didn’t realize Zuo Tangtang’s aversion at all. He snapped his fingers and muttered, "Just listening to Xiao Wang’s news, we will probably go to S city after this week. You said that if our district wins in the game, the game official will hold a line party in S city. Will it be a coincidence when we get together? Maybe everyone can still see one side! "
Erjin said more and more excited. He kept pulling his roots and didn’t notice Zuo Tangtang’s sudden pause.
"hmm? Hoof hooves? Uh-huh, Pei Tangtang? " Halfway through, I found that the people around me were gone. Erjin turned around and shouted doubtfully.
"I don’t know. We’ll see then."
She replied faintly, holding the bag, first stepped into the ladder and pressed the floor.
Erjin, although not white, doesn’t look like her sister, but looking at Zuo Tangtang’s posture of "taking care of himself or not", hurriedly ran in front of the ladder and secretly rejoiced that he had forgotten all about the previous doubts in his heart before a class of ladders breathed a sigh of relief.
They are the only two people in the ladder.