Changsheng was on the sidelines like Mourinho.
He dare not treat sth lightly.
If the game is not over, the other side will always have a chance.
After all, Lazio is one goal ahead of Inter Milan.
However, Changsheng has to admit that Mourinho is awesome.
Although I won, it’s always a little uncomfortable to win a small goal …
This opponent is much more interesting than Mancini.
Changsheng is full of expectations for Mourinho’s coaching day at Inter Milan.
He very much hopes that Inter Milan will do better and make sense so that Mourinho will not go to class before class.
Of course, there is another important reason why our team leads Inter Milan by one goal, that is, this Lazio is not in its heyday, but it is still in the running-in period.
If it is the season to win the Champions League, Lazio will always win and be confident that it will not be so difficult to play.
Of course, Mourinho may also feel that his team is not at its best in running-in.
So if Mourinho doesn’t get fired from the club early, they should have about two whole seasons to fight.
Ibrahimovic’s best chance after the game came in the 91st minute.
At that time, he received a football outside the restricted area. He didn’t choose the ball, but planned to take a long shot directly!
Unexpectedly, Lazio defenders failed to stop him in the first place.
Let him successfully kick the football out.
However, a wonderful save by Handanovic killed his hope of scoring in infancy.
"Handanovic … beautiful save! He blocked Ibrahimovic’s shot from the bottom line in a single chapter! "
Ibrahimovic saw that he was going to score and let Handanovic jump out. He sighed.
Once again, the Olympic Stadium rang with cheers from Lazio fans, who cheered for the rescue in Handanovic.
"Ibrahimovic! This may be the closest he has come to scoring a goal! But what a pity … Handanovic’s wonderful save ended Ibrahimovic’s hope! "
Handanovic’s save not only ended Ibrahimovic’s hope, but also ended Inter Milan’s hope.
This is the last chance for Inter Milan to score a goal.
From then on until the end of the game, Inter Milan failed to threaten Lazio’s goal.
When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, the commentator Caressa shouted
"The game is over! Game over! Lazio beat its arch-rival Inter Milan in the first and second world wars of this highly anticipated league! They continued to lead the league standings and pulled the gap between them and Inter Milan. Now the difference between the two teams is three points! "
"With Mourinho, Inter Milan have done well in the season, and they are ambitious to win a league title. Unfortunately, if they can’t get rid of Lazio, their dream is doomed to be far away …"
"In today’s competition between the two best young coaches in European football, the younger always laughs at the end. This is the second time that Mourinho has lost to Chang … but I think they will have many such opportunities in the future. Mourinho always has a chance to beat Chang Sheng …"
"Thanks to the two top teams, we contributed a top-notch contest! Everyone from the head coach to the players of the two teams has performed very well. Everyone is saying that our Serie A has declined … If more excellent coaches like Mourinho often join Serie A, if there are more self-improvement teams like Inter Milan and Lazio … How can Serie A decline? "
Caressa said with emotion
Neither Changsheng nor Mourinho is a good reputation in the Italian media.
There is always a lot of controversy around them.
The Italian media seem to have a deep hatred for both of them, and they want to drive them out of Serie A.
As if in this way, Serie A was restored to purity.
However, Caressa feels that the most important thing for a league to maintain its long-term vitality is that all rivers run into the sea.
What kind of people and teams should be able to stay competitive and win in this league for a long time.
Mourinho and Chang are both controversial adults, but no one can deny their coaching level.
These two high-level coaches came to Serie A to give the league such as competitiveness.
What kind of future will it be if we drive them all away and let the old pedants play by themselves?
Think about it and you will feel chatting, right?
Chapter 60 Special treatment for special people
Fabio Caressa may not want to admit that he found such a high-sounding reason because his perception of Changsheng has improved.
But in fact, what he thinks is right.
It’s only a matter of time before Serie A is eliminated.
Now the ranking of Serie A is almost the same as that of Bundesliga. Once the first league in Europe became the third, even the third was in jeopardy …
In this way, they are still refusing fresh blood and foreign countries for all kinds of ridiculous reasons to cover up their hypocrisy.
When a head coach talks about things, he says that they are at the end of their rope.
The evaluation of a head coach’s level is never about others, but about his achievements and abilities.
Does Chang Sheng have the ability and achievements or is he hacked by the Italian media all day?
Now there is another Mourinho, and the Italian media is orgasmic every day.
In addition to the media, there are also those coaches, who criticize Changsheng and Mourinho’s arrogance and lack of morality, which have destroyed the coaches and become the enemies of everyone, making the good Serie A dirty …