Anyway, after a hundred days, if Gu Man still hasn’t agreed on a marriage, it will take another three years and another three years. Gu Manke will be sixteen at that time.

Thinking about this, Gu Chengyu looked back and looked at Wang. It seems that Wang didn’t worry about it. Is it already planned?
No matter if you are full of marriage, you must not be too smooth. Not only can you not be smooth, but you must never be smooth.
When Mammy Cui saw her master’s question, she cried with a snot and tears. "Madam, please be a handmaiden!"
"If you have something to say, just say that you were not like this in the past!" Wang frowned and gave her a look of impatience.
Mammy Cui is also a child prodigy. She has been following the Wang for so many years, and the Wang is not the same recently, so she dare not sell and cry again. "Today, I sent a handmaiden with monthly money to compose a brocade pavilion to send monthly money to Aunt Liu. Who knows that Aunt Liu got angry and ordered me to become this kind of wife. What a shame!"
Aunt Liu? Gu Man is one leng. I haven’t heard Aunt Liu for a long time. Since she fell out of favor, Aunt Liu has never felt anything. After Gu Boqi died, did she still make trouble with the first wife?
It’s sudden and strange.
At this moment, Yue Tong came in with a dignified look and did not care about the smoke. Gu Chengyu was still around. First, the baggage and take the journey, "Mrs. Ten Ye’s wet nurse is waiting outside the door and wants to see you."
The nurse asked her what she had lost her soul, but she couldn’t say anything in a panic. Her face changed.
The tenth master is the only son of Wang and the most important person in the government now. If anything happens, it will be a first-class event, so Yuetong will not dare to delay coming in and leave in person for half an hour.
Everything is coming together!
Wang can’t take care of Mammy Cui any more, and let the wet nurse come in.
Gu Man was taken aback and stared at Gu Chengfeng’s wet nurse. Ten is famous for being sensible and courteous. Although he was only four years old, no one in the government said that he was naughty, and even the old lady Gu lamented that he was too sensible.
Besides, others don’t know Gu Man, but they know Gu Chengfeng. Ordinary people are not the same as a child. The director has his own rules and regulations.
What would surprise his wet nurse like a frightened bird?
The wet nurse burst into a kneeling before Wang asked, and she was surprised and afraid to report back "madam! The tenth master is gone! "
Gone? ! What do you mean, gone? !
Gu Chengfeng is obedient, sensible and young. Where can he go?
Now that the family is in trouble, it’s back to separation, and Gu Boqi is out of school. Gu Chengfeng stays at home all the time. How come he disappeared?
Wang didn’t react until the nurse said so. Today, I haven’t seen Gu Chengfeng. It seems that she hasn’t even been here to inquire. This is impossible on weekdays. Her heart is racing and she almost jumped out of her throat, but she forced herself to calm down and asked her mind, pointing to the nurse, "Speak slowly! One by one, say that Brother Feng is gone? When will it be gone? "
"I just got up this morning, and I was clamoring to pay my respects to the old lady. The handmaiden sent perilla purple lotus to follow him. But it took me two hours to go. There were handmaiden, that is, the old lady left a meal with her brother to relieve boredom, so I didn’t let anyone go to De ‘anju to ask her. She said that the old lady had been waiting for her to pay her respects since she got up early, but she didn’t go there!"
This nurse was chosen by Wang’s thousands of people. There is nothing wrong with it, except that she is greedy and lazy and has no other faults. She is also clean and articulate, and now she speaks logically.
She paused and worried, and her eyebrows suddenly trembled. "The handmaiden just panicked and ordered people to ask you here and the nine girls there, but they all said that they didn’t see the ten masters follow the ten masters and stay in the back alley. I haven’t heard that the ten masters have commanded."
Why did a good person suddenly disappear?
Gu Man’s first suspicion is that Gu Chengyu and Gu Yan have separated today, but if something happens to Gu Chengdong, Gu Chengyu is the only son of Gu Boqi! Counting, going to Gu Chengyu still has motive to do it.
She leng leng arm hit the chair next to her, and the sudden impact made her hands numb, but she worried about this in her spare time and then asked, "Have you found anywhere else in the house?" Maybe he’s at Brother An and Brother Yuan’s! "
Gu Chengan Gu Chengyuan is a nice person. Gu Chengyu usually plays together for a long time.
The wet nurse wiped a handful of tears and cried more and more sadly and dismayed. "The old slaves in these places have made people look for them, but they can’t find them. All the rooms along the way have made people ask and say that they have never seen a brother!"
Gu Chengfeng is a clever and sensible child, and it’s really good for this nurse. She also thinks that she will provide for her old age for a long time, so this nurse is really worried about his loss of her young master now, and she is a little sad. Now she has told the mistress and the girl that she has lost a lot of panic, but she is sad. "How can a big living person disappear?" !”
Not only a living person, but also perilla and purple lotus.
Who in such a large Hou Fu has the ability to take all three people away without being shocked?
Gu Man focused on Gu Chengyu again.
Gu Chengyu also got a fright and immediately woke up. Gu Man is now doubting that he is. Now Man Shengjing has nothing to doubt except his own estimation.
Even those uncles who are eyeing the title are not suspected by themselves. Who told them to split up and Wang made a fire and water?
Gu Chengyu began to wonder if this disappearance of Gu Chengfeng was caused by Wang Gu Man deliberately setting up a trap to make himself recite the name of a mutilated hand and foot. Otherwise, where could it be so clever? If you don’t have an accident early or come back late, Gu Chengfeng will be able to disappear from Hou Fu.
Houfu is not an ordinary place. There are a lot of people coming and going. How can three living people die?
Who can do it unless they are very familiar with Hou Fu?
Thank you very, very much for daniel_s pink ticket. I will work hard!
243 looking for someone
"How is it possible to see? !” Wang was so anxious that he almost gnashed his teeth that he calmly asked the nurse, "Have you asked everywhere?" There is a faint vibrato in the tone. Actually, Wang’s first suspicion is also Gu Chengyu, so he brought out his face, which is somewhat ugly.
Gu Chengyu was so embarrassed that he stood up and snorted. "Good people disappeared at home. What is this?" ! I’m afraid I’m ten years old and naughty! Did you find someone in Houyanwu? And the place where sika deer are raised in Yanwu. Isn’t that his favorite place to play on weekdays? Have you found the rockeries in the garden again? !”
Because of the contributions of Houfu in Dingyuan for generations and the efforts of the old duke, Houfu’s house covers a large area in Shengjing’s prestigious circle. In addition, many people’s houses were bought later, which opened up the extended boundary. Therefore, Houfu’s house is very large, that is, there are several rockeries, which are also large and ingenious. So I don’t know who wants to make a snow hole in the rockery. The fifth master thinks it is very interesting and novel, and it is often in summer that people lay mattresses there and decorate them completely.