I also feel that the two people on the opposite side suspect that Wu Zhema, a mulberry practitioner, was mistakenly brought into the celestial world when he broke through.

Although it is very reluctant, the young men and women are not very familiar with the rules for foreign practitioners to enter the celestial world. They slowly believe what Wu Zhe said to relax and grow a sigh of relief
"I don’t know if you two are lucky or unlucky. Although you entered the celestial world, it’s too bad to send it to the place. This area is a famous taboo and this fairy island is … hey hey …"
The young man’s smile is a little cold, but the murder seems to have disappeared. His enchanting and charming women are coming towards Xianhu together. This vine fills the air with flowers and fragrant trees, and they seem to be completely relaxed by the green lake.
"It’s really unlucky! I didn’t expect to meet a wild fairy beast as soon as I entered the island. "The dress was exposed and the gorgeous woman complained." Now the cloud ship is broken, and most hunters are swallowed by the fairy beast. Are we going back? I really shouldn’t have come. "
"We should be lucky that we may have escaped from the sea of clouds alive." Speaking of this, the young man took a look at Wu Zhe and said, "Can you dumb people prepare some food for us?"
Words are very strong, not so much solicitation as command, but cloud thirteen is calm and should nod.
Just now, I asked Zhongyun Thirteen not to say a word. He and Wu Zhe have been recognized by each other as dumb and blind.
Turbid and clear-eyed, Wu Zhe can easily make others mistake blind Wu Zhe for not explaining being pulled away by Cloud Thirteen.
Watching their backs disappear, the young man asked the enchanting woman beside him, "What do you think?"
The woman sneered, "Hum, no matter what he said is true or not, he will die. Never let anyone know that we are alive, or we will be responsible for the loss of the cloud ship. Only the dead can keep a secret."
The young man nodded his head and sneered, "It’s quite interesting that Ophiopogon japonicus and Iris repair the dumb blind combination. Even if I close my eyes now, they can’t compete with you. I will die alone! But leave their lives for the time being. "
Wu Zhe stared at the two people through the branches and leaves in the dense forest in the distance, and kept their words to their own thoughts for a moment and then turned away.
A short time later, there was a burst of attractive fragrance floating around Xianhu Lake. A rabbit leg was baked golden and shiny, and the eggs in the shell pot were cooked fresh and tender. Besides, there were many fairy fruits around.
Now Wu Zheyun thirteen knows that these are fairy meat, fairy fruit and heart, and there is a different feeling, so he stumbled into the celestial world that all practitioners dream of …
Young men and women enjoy their food with satisfaction.
After the woman drank a bamboo cup of fairy juice, she smiled, "Thank you, Brother Qi and Brother Yun, for your hospitality. My name is Qu Xin. His name is Zhao Han, but my brother, hehe …" Qu Xin’s smile is very charming, and her white neck is wrapped in fine gauze, and her twin peaks are constantly shaking. Really, it is full of temptation and enchanting charm.
Zhao Han went on to say, "You can’t have heard of our name, but you may have heard of our ancestor."
"Oh?" Wu Zhe already knew that their founder was actually a broken man.
"The magic fairy hides the sky!" When Zhao Han Qule uttered this name, he showed a look of respect and longing.
Wu Zheyun XIII was shocked again!
They are all familiar with this name. The other day, when Wu Zhe, Yunshisan and Dark Yin San people chatted in the Manatee wine cellar, Dark Yin also greatly boasted that his bodhi old zu had successfully broken through the ranks of Xianban ten thousand years ago. At that time, Dark Yin was bragging. I didn’t expect these to be true!
-who will fight for the magic power when it comes out? After being trapped by love, The Machine collapsed, but with great wisdom, he became a Taoist mind, and left his eternal fame from being broken and empty … The magic fairy covered the sky!
See Wu Zhe so look Zhao Hanqu heart very satisfied with the magic fairy name really deterrence through the ages!
"Is the magic fairy still alive in the world?" Wu Zhe is really very excited. I knew that I had lost my sense of security in the celestial world before, but the dark shadow might be able to climb the dark sky, so I wouldn’t worry about the safety of my party.
"Of course, few practitioners in the celestial world will die naturally, and the ancestors who drank the eternal life soup are already immortal!"
The 40th chapter Who sneak attack who
Nodding, Wu Zhe looked at the two people opposite and asked curiously, "What about you?"
"We … of course, are far from reaching the immortal body. The celestial world is far from being as real as you outsiders imagine. Not many mulberries need to break through the ninth pulse door of their own again to get eternal life. Some people stay in mulberries for a generation and finally lose. When our original life, people in the celestial world are not qualified to drink eternal life soup. Only by breaking through mulberries and repairing nine pulse doors can we get eternal life …"
"Eternal life soup … the ninth pulse door …"
Qu Xinjiao laughed. "Brother Qi and Brother Yun, I think you are new to the celestial world and don’t know much about everything. Why don’t you let me and my brother introduce you to join us?"
Wu Zhe, if he doesn’t know that the other party wants to kill him, of course, he will be filled with joy, but his eyes can pretend to be happy. Cloud thirteen is still as silent and expressionless as before.
"Excuse me, is this island different? Is there something special about Fairy Island?" There are many questions I want to ask each other about Wu Zhegen, but now I can learn from this fairy island.
Cloud thirteen has been silent for a long time. He always remembers that Wu Zhexing should be alert to the sneak attack of these two people.
"Specific? Hey hey, it should be said that specific to the extreme … "Zhao Han some regrets ground smile but didn’t do more explanation.
Wu Zhe meditate on his thoughts.
-It turns out that there is no life beast in the celestial world. It is similar to this. There are no practitioners living in the fairy island. Some businessmen are stocking the fairy beasts. They just take these fairy beasts to breed fairy beasts Dan cubs and sell them at a high price. Zhao Han and Qu Xin followed the big army to find fairy beasts eggs in Xian Island next door. However, some lovely fairy beasts cubs were hit by lightning because of Wu Zhe’s grumpy silver fairy beasts. They took a cloud boat and escaped danger before they entered the fairy island.
Qu Xin smiled and said, "It’s not surprising that you will gradually understand the world after a few words are hard to say. It’s far more bizarre than you think! It’s a good thing you can’t see with your eyes, otherwise your little repair will definitely scare you into incontinence. "
At this time, a wave of life came from the distant forest tip, and all four of them had sensed that they were inadvertently looking back for a quick glance.
I saw a unicorn carved out of beautiful jade with a faint brilliance, blinking a pair of black gems and hiding a towering tree. I secretly and curiously looked at four people from time to time and gently called to Wu Zhe.