Since you can’t find it, just walk along the road, so you will always see the competition site. This trick really doesn’t matter much. Zhang Hao saw the competition company, but actually he saw Lan Rexi.

Zhang Hao and his party came to look around Lan Ruoxi. Today, she wore a pink blouse and snow blue shorts to set off the whole person with a vibrant head and a pony tail to make her as pure as the little sister next door.
Lan Rexi is just around the corner. There are several Zhang Hao who know Zhou Xiong, and the seat next to him is a few guys who competed with him yesterday. Di Qiu is also impressively listed. The rest of them have all shown their faces. It seems that today is to rob people. A community has two forces to pull people, which is the only one among many communities.
"If the sunrise I give you to three people?"
"Wow, thank you." Lan Rexi’s eyes look as good as a crescent moon, which makes Zhang Hao look pleasing to the eye, while the appearance of another familiar figure makes Zhang Hao slightly embarrassed.
The bearer is Tang Qinling. Today, she is wearing a tight black half-sleeve and a slightly short and light gray skirt. This equipment shows her graceful figure to the fullest.
Zhang Hao’s throat moved, not because his mind was not strong, but because the enemy was so charming. Seeing Zhang Hao Tang Qinling unconsciously remembered the scene like a nightmare, and she couldn’t shake it. She hated stamping her feet and went to the competition site. Zhang Hao felt a fragrant wind and couldn’t help but suck it.
"Well, fresh and elegant is really a woman with a taste." This is Zhang Hao’s evaluation, of course, in his heart
"Ling Jie, Zhang Hao, they want to join our competition club ~" Lan Ruoxi is always a playful and lovely person who seems to have no worries and makes Zhang Hao very envious.
"Know you to write a personal information," said Tang Qin Ling, who gave four information forms to Zhang Hao and others, and at the same time gave Zhang Hao a barely warm smile.
Diqiu looked at Zhang Hao’s arrival with poor eyes. This guy hit him in the face in public yesterday, but he was also white. Should it be a personal vendetta at the important stage of recruiting new recruits or a temporary pressure?
"You can’t miss it when you pass by. You deserve it. Don’t practice on your behalf. Don’t fake the position. Follow the competition club. Diqiu will take you to the league to rank the super-god tour ~ Let’s take a look at the competition club. You deserve to join."
This sudden voice made Zhang Hao Zheng despise it. It would really give face gold, but let alone this shouting is quite tube.
A small team of three people approached to hear Diqiu’s younger brother shouting and immediately said that he followed Diqiu’s mixed horse and wrote the information sheet for joining the club, so that Diqiu was proud to look at Tang Qinling and others and instantly felt superior.
At the moment, Tang Qinling also looked at Zhang Hao with a sly smile and "come and sit down."
"Ah, what?" Zhang Hao didn’t make the whole white yesterday. He ignored himself. Why are you suddenly so enthusiastic today? Please sit down for yourself.
Although it’s not white, Zhang Hao still sat next to Diqiu, separated by a certain distance. Soon, Tang Qinling asked several boys to carry a one-meter-high board. When Diqiu and Zhang Hao saw that the board was sticking to something, their faces were black. A new week’s recommended votes have recommended votes. Let’s vote for the rookie thank humbly.
Chapter 14 Cai Liangyan is a person?
"Lingjie, what is this?" LanReXi little head leaned in and even she didn’t know that President Tang had rushed out a secret weapon overnight.
"Nothing is tailor-made for your brother Zhang Hao."
I heard that LanReXi was more curious to read in front of the board.
"Hey, look what that is."
"I don’t know. Go and have a look."
Tang Qinling brought a wooden board with a Zhang greatly color printing announcement that attracted everyone’s attention.
"King solo, the elite of the alliance, is here to compete. You won’t suffer. You won’t be a competitor."
"Wang, the strongest newcomer in the 214 th League of Legends, has joined the club. What are you hesitating about?"
"Wang Zhanghao, the strongest newcomer in the League of Legends, played against the league teams of competitive colleges and universities yesterday. It was even better to play against Diqiu, the man of the hour, and the beauty president had occupied the first page of the League of Legends ranking list for a long time. rank is as high as 25 great gods. You are with me.
Looking at these shocking statements, Zhang Hao has no courage to look again. Is there an idea in his heart that has been overcast?
"Wow, Ling Jie’s great photo is good." Lan Rexi smiled when she watched it, especially Zhang Hao’s bad face made her laugh.
"Hey, big guy, why is your expression so complicated? Don’t be shy."
Lan Rexi’s words made Zhang Hao look depressed. Which one is shy? Can’t you see that he is almost crying?
Some people are happy, and naturally some people are unhappy. Diqiu looked at this thing and immediately questioned Tang Qinling "What do you mean by humiliating me?"
"No, I’m just telling the truth, and you have risen to the height of the" man of the hour "of the competition club. You should pay attention to the influence." Tang Qinling’s soft words with a face of koo expression made Diqiu have a fire and never thought of paying attention to the recruitment meeting. Tang Qinling was so proactive this time.
"If you pass by, you can’t miss it. You can’t play high in the League of Legends. Don’t take a false position. Don’t take water to rank with the competition club Diqiu. Welcome to join the competition club Diqiu team ~"
Diqiu’s younger brother shouted again, but the effect seemed to be discounted with Tang Qinling’s signboard. Those guys who just entered Diqiu’s team suddenly regretted that this Zhang Haofen was the hottest protagonist in today’s school forum.
Standing in front of the board, the more people gather, the more crowd effect is not small. The colder a place is, the less people there are, and the more crowded a place is, the more attractive it is. This is the perfect interpretation of this effect.
Many people in the crowd also recognized Zhang Hao, some of whom went to watch the war yesterday, while others saw it from the forum and finally got to know him.
Two people came to the competition board, and one of them was thin and excited. "The grass was the great god yesterday, and Jess blinded me."
"Do you still dare to talk about him?" said the fat man next to the thin man. "Did you try to kill me yesterday when you were in the qualifying round?"
"It’s not my fault. I think Jess, the great god, can beat Pan Sen. How come I was blown up as soon as I played?"
"All right, all right, anyway, you’ll take care of the food for half a month."
This Zhang Hao has inexplicably added a fake apprentice all the way from the Internet cafe league. I don’t know how many children Zhang Hao has learned from playing heroes.
With the passage of time, more and more people come to visit the recruitment meeting, such as street dance clubs and competitive clubs, and the scenes of these mainstream clubs continue to be hot, which attracts the less popular clubs such as Wenshi Club because of its unique positioning.
"Great God, I want to join the club and accept me. Yesterday, you recruited me."
"Okay, okay, you wrote this data sheet first."
Zhang Hao was moved and handed out a form, but she was in tears. This is the thirtieth time that I have recruited people. Is this really appropriate? Is it appropriate?
The performance of Britain and SHEN WOO in Zhang Hao solo attracted several league fans to join the competition club. Tang Qinling came here to join the club in an endless stream. On the other hand, Diqiu was relatively deserted, but after all, it was a great god and someone followed him after all
Because Tang Qinling is more tactful and knows that Diqiu will definitely come to pull people, she said the rules of joining the club before.
The highlighted font on the board reads "Please look for President Tang and Zhang Hao Great God’s exclusive anti-counterfeiting logo when joining the club. There are two teams in the competition club. Please choose according to your own taste ~"
This Tang Qinling also announced the struggle of the competition department. Although many people know it, there are also many people who don’t know it. At this time, it is suspected that more people know it.
Many people are running for Zhang Hao’s performance to join the competition club, and more people are choosing to join Tang Qinling’s team to apply for joining the club. The teams are all lined up on the roadside, and the scene is spectacular, which shows the appeal of League of Legends.
There are not many people who play fifa live football in this competition club, but there are special clubs in doa that don’t stay with the competition club, and other stand-alone games are almost extinct. The competition club has the trend of incarnating League of Legends.
There are also many people in the long queue who are impatient to apply for joining the club here where there are few people. After all, some people are not Zhang Hao and Tang Qinling, but simply want to join the club. Naturally, it is the same everywhere.
In just half a day, the application form for joining the club was a thick stack, and there were more than five of them, which made Zhang Hao feel big. I’m afraid all the old members were gone. At this time, these five people suspected that it was a big wave of fresh blood.
These five people are not freshmen, but also sophomores and juniors. They all didn’t join the club last year, and they only applied at today’s club recruitment meeting. Many of them left the club and came to compete for the club.
Look at Diqiu’s application form here, the thickness is less than half, and Diqiu’s face is also not good-looking. Many people at this year’s recruitment meeting are directed at Zhang Haolai to make Diqiu feel ridiculous. If it weren’t for solo yesterday, who knows who this Zhang Hao is, but now it has become synonymous with the Great God.
Yesterday’s game was Diqiu’s campaign to recruit new recruits, but it was so easy and casual for Zhang Hao to take away their former hard work department without blowing off dust.
Every time I think about these Diqiu, I laugh at myself and try my best to make a dowry for others.
It’s near noon, and the recruitment meeting is over. It’s still noon, but there won’t be too many people. Tang Qinling watched the crowd getting less and less, and also patted and motioned for everyone to rush to the restaurant.
"Cai Liangyan" suddenly someone shouted in the crowd, which made many people look askance.
When I heard that someone called this name, Lan Ruoxi and Tang Qinling turned their heads to see some old members of the competition club, and they also reacted, but then they just stared blankly. It seems that this person did not appear.
"Mental derangement" LanReXi cursed a DiQiu good carry shout out this name is really disappointing and Tang Qinling eyes points is a glimmer of light gradually dim.
"I really don’t know" Diqiu wondered that he always felt that Zhang Hao was sent by Cai Liangyan, but he just called himself, but he didn’t move his head. Is it really a new arrival that Diqiu was going crazy? It is very uncomfortable to think that Diqiu punched the table here.
"Who is that Cai Liangyan who feeds the black bear? I always hear people say."
"He, come on, I’ll tell you."
Zhou Xiong and Zhang Hao walked quickly to avoid the rest of the people. Zhou Xiong continued, "Brother Yan is the former president of the competition club. After he left, he gave the competition club to President Tang now and"
"And what?" Zhang Hao was in a hurry. When it came to the key, Zhou Xiong stopped talking, which was simply appetizing.
Zhou Xiong smiled mysteriously. "I’ll sue you if you take me."