Gu Yan held the gangster’s old waist in his hands before he stepped forward and dragged him back directly.
At this moment, the steps on both sides of the corridor flush at the same time. Gu Yan suddenly looked up and saw a light flush ahead.
Another gangster raised his arm for the first time with a tube in his hand.
"Qin Yu Qin Yu …!" Gu Yan reaction quickly stretched out his hand and pulled the bandits block his front shouted 1.
Qin Yulai didn’t adjust his posture and jumped on the wall with an axe.
The blunt side of the axe hit the gangster’s back, and then he adjusted his direction and rushed Qin Yu’s gun.
Qin Yu hit him on the shoulder, his right leg and knee flashed his eyes, and he recognized the direction of the gangster through the light of his mobile phone and directly hit his knee.
The gangster was hit by Qin Yu’s knee and staggered back three steps in a row to grab the fire!
"sonorous …!"
A gunshot Qin Yu felt the burning pain on the outside of his right leg after a lag, and then he stared at his eyes and smashed it directly with an axe.
Axe blunt head dry bandits chest the latter instantly fell to the ground.
Qin Yu instantly tackled the gangster and directly pressed the original place. At this time, the gangster’s hand words had dropped. Qin Yu saw his limbs and shouted, "Mom, are you going to the theatre? ! Come and help! "
Gu Yanwen jumped up with Qin Yu and pressed another gangster and touched his right hand with a gun for a long time.
Corridor again flush footsteps Qin Yu profuse sweating blunt Gu Yan hello way "grab a gun quickly! !”
"I can’t break his hand!" Gu Yan was sweating profusely.
"Fuck you, I am dead with thunder!" Gangsters don’t know whether it’s true or not. It’s very imposing to always shout.
Gu Yan hands pressed his arm with a gun and turned half a circle. Suddenly, he raised his feet and slammed his head directly.
"Bang bang!"
Gu Yan kicked the gangster’s head in a row and finally kicked off his shoes, still stomping barefoot!
The gangster was kicked, his face stinks, and his head kept hitting the ground, and he was instantly confused.
A burst of light flush Li Yuanzhen hands and eyes looked at the corridor in amazement "I fuck you two all right? !”