Just now, the green tripod and the picture are the dry tripod of Nuwa and the picture of mountains and rivers of Fuxi. After the tripod cover was sealed, Zushura lost contact with the scorpion braid at this moment, and angrily Zushura reached out and grabbed the green tripod.
The palm of your hand became bigger in the middle, and the arm became longer in an instant.
Just when Zushura was in a hurry to grasp the green tripod, an old man suddenly appeared in front of the green tripod, looking at the huge rune behind his huge palm and reappearing in front of the old man, reaching out to Zushura and welcoming him again.
"Boom" the huge palm scattered the rule rune, although it was much slower, but it was still caught in the old direction.
"Boom" is another loud noise. At the moment when the old rune dissipated, another huge rune greeted the huge palm. This is the original jade Qing rune. Jade Qing rune also dissipated in this impact, but it has already blocked Zushura’s huge palm.
This is the sound of Tongtian Qing rune hitting Zushura’s body
This time, the impact made Zushura retreat about a kilometer to his right, which was obviously a dark loss.
Nu Wa’s hands suddenly lifted the dry Kunding from the square, and nine colors of light were pouring into the dry Kunding, while Fuxi’s eyes were closed and motionless, obviously suppressing the square giant figure.
"Sanqing, the two of us are trying to contain Lingbao, and the rest is up to you," said Nu Wa, and then continued to focus on conveying nine colors of light.
At this time, Sanqing didn’t care what Nuwa said when she swallowed the panacea and printed the Zushura body again.
Boom, boom, boom.
Successive impacts make Zushura depressed. Although these runes can’t hurt themselves, this impact can’t fight back, which really makes Zushura depressed.
Zushura roared in the sky and poured directly into the territory of heaven and earth. Obviously, he wanted to vent his anger and get rid of the embarrassment now.
But there are three rule rune bombardments.
Zushura is in a mess at this time, but there is no way to be a very clever treasure. Now there is no passive beating, although there is no injury, but it makes Zushura crazy again and again.
Watching Sanqing bombardment outside is more refreshing than being frank, but they know that now all three people are at a spent force, and their bodies seem to be drained, and constantly swallowing magic pills can’t make up for their losses.
Once again, after the rule rune bombardment, Sanqing finally couldn’t attack any more. All three of them were weak and collapsed to the ground.
At this time, Zushura came out from the embarrassment of rune bombardment, and it was clear that Sanqing’s expression became ferocious after excessive consumption. His eyes stared at Sanqing intensely, especially now, resentment in his chest had made him stop paying attention to his scorpion braid, but the first thing he thought of was to eliminate Sanqing.
Knowing that I can’t fight back again, Sanqing is indignant, and my heart is full of unwillingness, especially when my eyes turn red and my family feud has gone around such a big bend that I was beheaded by myself without the slightest inch. Shura has actually been resurrected, but his greatest enemy has no choice but to take him and will be buried in his hand in the end.
If you don’t report your revenge as a horse, you will be ruined. It’s very unwilling, and it also implicates two younger brothers and Nu Wa Fuxi. He always thinks that when his ancestors were destroyed, several people were killed one by one in front of his face. When he killed his family, he showed that ferocious smile, which was the face of his ancestors.
The thicker the resentment in my heart, the greater the resentment, and the old man in white is now shrouded in a dark fog.
"No" always shouts at the sky.
At this moment, the rune on the old forehead lit up. At this moment, a huge rule rune appeared again after the old woman. This rune is more solid and powerful than it looked before.
"Bang" a loud noise
The rune once again blew into the surprise of Zushura, and the huge impact moment knocked Zushura out of the tens of thousands of meters.
At this time, it always seems that the front wear and tear department is well, and the whole person looks a lot calmer in a white suit once again.
Seeing the old change, Fang Yuan was suddenly pleasantly surprised and said, "Brother finally beheaded the last evil corpse."
"Brother finally broke through this at last, and we are saved." Tongtian was also excited and said.
"That doesn’t necessarily mean that the three corpses are not mixed. Then the three corpses will be combined into one. That is the real mixed yuan. Pick Jin Xian. Now, although the senior brothers cut the three corpses, they didn’t combine into one. The senior brothers are not mixed opponents." The original distress said.
"But Zushura doesn’t know. I hope I can scare him away." Tongtian frowned.
"Do you think it’s possible?" The original wry smile way
Of course, it’s impossible. Zushura was bombarded by the old accidental blow, and his huge body almost made a big fall. At this time, Zushura was able to walk around.
Chapter 22 Shura died
"Ah" Zushura angry giant shouted.
Angry Zushura’s eyes are red now, and his head triangle has also produced a bit of black fog. Zushura crossed over to the old side in a moment. This time, he did not use spells, but only narrowed the distance between him and the old by the physical degree.
And at this moment, Lao also used a powerful rune to hit Zushura ten times faster than before.
The rune did not collide with Zushura, but grabbed Zushura’s hands and pushed it up in the old direction.
Old hands raised forward in the virtual is also doing the posture of pushing forward. At this time, I did almost all my mana and physical strength to form a Taoist record. At this time, I was also scattered and stared at the law rune that Zushura pushed in my hand.
Although the old man has tried his best, the rune is pushing towards the old side bit by bit in Zushura and getting smaller and smaller on the way. Although the rune is getting smaller, its surface luster is getting brighter and brighter.
Although the old man just cut off the evil corpse, the former loss was too great. Before he reached the mixed yuan, the rune of this law was too consuming mana and energy. Now he barely let Zushura knock the rune back, but in this process, the rune resistance is getting weaker and weaker, and Zushura is getting faster and faster in the old direction.
"Ha ha ha ha, you all have to die today." Zushura smiled grimly.
His eyes stared at the old man as if he wanted to dismember him.
I’m about to lose my strength, and my mana is about to bottom out. Zushura is getting closer and closer to me. Is it doomed to die here today?
The old heart is very unwilling that it was a breakthrough just now. If it was a breakthrough before Zushura came over, it wouldn’t be so embarrassing to see that the hope gained by just cutting the corpse would be shattered again. The heart is full of refuse teeth, and everyone saw a desperate look in their old eyes.
See the old face Zushura heart a carefree mixed yuan rock-solid mind at this moment also suddenly excited.
"Death" Zushura’s strength has increased again and his expression has become more ferocious.
Suddenly, a huge blood hole appeared in Zushura’s chest, and Zushura’s push strength suddenly slowed down, and his eyes were full of incredible.
At this time, in Zushura’s eyes, a huge spear came straight through the back of his body, and there was no blood in the spear, mixed with some blood.
At this moment, everyone can see clearly that the sky behind Zushura is holding and grabbing the body, and his eyes are full of malicious eyes. He definitely stares at Zushura’s "sky" and Zushura bitterly calls out that the runes in his hands are slowly coming loose.
Sky holding a gun and pumping the giant gun with a handful of blood left Zushura’s body and quickly stabbed Zushura to another place.
Zushura body side mess let the gun, but then let Zushura more unexpected things born again.
The rune of the former old man became smaller again after Zushura’s compression and went straight for Zushura.
Shrinking runes towards Zushura injured the big hole and flew in in an instant to let everyone in the field come and not respond.
Old face suddenly a cold to heaven and earth suddenly cried ""