Cheng Xiao was deceived by Ji Fan’s expression and said triumphantly, "Wang Jin! How to listen to it? "

Just after supper, Yang Jigang came here and took a sip of water. After hearing Cheng Xiao’s words, he directly sprayed the water in his mouth and pulled the corners of his mouth.
Cheng Xiao curiously asked, "What’s the matter? Do you know? "
JiFan canthus pulled pull face became very strange, the in the mind muttered "Wang Jin seems to have been sent to Yangzhou by me, this little boy won’t go to Yangzhou to see his martial arts is also good, if you want to keep him"
Yang Ji’s face was weird and he came up to JiFan and said, "I’ve seen the master."
JiFan with the wave.
Yang Ji said to Cheng Xiao, "How can you not know if you know it? It’s Wang Jin! The master sent him to carry out a very important task. If you want to see him, come and stay first. "
Yang Jike knows what his master is playing. Pay attention to Yang Jike’s eyesight. That’s strange.
Let him live here first, then Xuzhou will naturally have an extra boost.
JiFan to Yang Ji to admire eyes.
Cheng Xiao some dizzy ask "and so on master? You call him master? Isn’t my brother working for Ji Hebei Ji’s adult? How did it get to him? "
"Are you Ji Fanji Hebei?"
Ji Fan smiled and said, "Don’t worry, I’ll let him come back after you stay here for a while."
Cheng Xiao suddenly stammered at the smell of killing one million people in a city, the butcher and Hebei.
"Ji Ji"
JiFanDang forehead hanging three black lines.
If I didn’t know each other’s meaning, it might be another wonderful misunderstanding.
Cheng Xiao also found himself a slip of the tongue and a smile.
The legacy of juvenile mind and nature
Cheng Xiao said, "Lord Ji Ji, I want to do things with your hands. Do you agree?"
JiFan doubt ask "you can be an official now? Your master agrees? Don’t you still have it? "
Let Cheng Xiao react with three questions in a row and clap his head.
Obviously, he forgot about it and said, "shall I take a seat first?" I really can’t. I’ll go back to the master in a few days. Anyway, I have beaten him and completed the conditions. "
Ji Fan smiled and said, "No, if you study hard and have the ability, the higher you can get an official position with me, and you don’t want you to sit up from the soldier."
Cheng Xiao scratched his head and said, "Okay, but you must remember me! Don’t forget me. "
JiFan smiled and looked at this teenager who was half a head taller than himself and smiled and said, "Don’t worry! I’m a man when I’m ten years old. You can’t forget a word! This is a man’s promise! "
Cheng Xiao’s face flushed. Obviously, every teenager will feel blood for such a commitment.
Suddenly, I deeply remember this promise with my heart!
A man’s promise will not be false!
Cheng Xiao nodded heavily and said excitedly, "I’m nineteen years old today and I’m also a man, so let’s make this promise!" "
"Say a word!"
"It’s hard to catch up!" Jifan interface
Dian Wei and Xu Zhu, who have been defending JiFan’s side, showed a trace of yearning.
Ji Fan took this opportunity to discuss and say, "Why don’t we become sworn brothers here?"
Cheng Xiao young mind immediately jumped up and said "good good! Be sworn! "
Dian Wei and Xu Chu didn’t do it. Obviously, they won’t recognize JiFan and become sworn friends with them.
Ji Fan turned and asked Dian Wei and Xu Chu, "What do you think?"
Dian Wei and Xu Chu wait for a while looked at Ji Fan and said, "We don’t know how old we are, as if we were in our twenties."
Ji Fan turned and asked Yang Qi, "What about you?"
Yang Jilai is their military commander. Who knows that there is even a moment when his ingenuity is superior and his mind is not able to respond.
JiFan nodded and looked at Yang Ji for sure.
Yang Ji blinked and said, "Twenty-one years old."
JiFan looked didn’t see zhaoyun figure asked "zhaoyun? Find out the youngest son. "
Xu Chu and Dian Wei shouted with a smile, "Order!"
A little while, Xu Chu and Dian Wei were quite embarrassed and could not come back with a wry smile.