Just as Xia Zhu was about to reach for the photo, she suddenly heard her mother calling her "Xia Zhu, what are you doing?"

"Mom!" Xia Zhu was startled. "I just want to see if you have enough things."
Song Yumei looks a little ugly and strode past and grabbed it from Xia Zhu’s hand. At the same time, he also saw the falling photos.
"Mom, this …" Xia Zhu once again reached for the photo.
"Don’t move" Song Yumei pushed Xia Zhu away and inadvertently touched Xia Zhu’s wound. Suddenly Xia Zhu broke out in a cold sweat.
Song Yumei picked up the photo and put it in the bag in a hurry, then held it in her arms, only to find that something was wrong with Xia Zhu.
"Xia Zhu, what’s wrong with you?" Song Yumei was frightened. She hugged Xia Zhu in a panic. "Was mom’s hand too heavy just now?"
"Mom, I’m fine." Xia Zhu looked at being held in Song Yumei’s arms and asked, "Who is the photo? What can’t I see is him? "
"No" Song Yumei denied it too quickly, but let Xia Zhu confirm her suspicion.
"I can’t even know what he looks like?" Xia Zhu is not white. Why should he be so cautious?
"Don’t ask me again. I’ll ask Yin Ting to come and take you back." Song Yumei said and went to make a phone call.
Xia Zhu remembered, but when she moved the wound a little, she felt severe pain and touched it gently. This time, the wound didn’t crack.
Soon Song Yumei will hide and go back to the living room. "I have already called, and he will come in a minute."
"Mom, I’m over twenty years old. Don’t I even have the qualification to know who my real father is?" Xia Zhu has some grievances.
Song Yumei doesn’t talk, her eyes are wet, and she thinks it’s best for Xia Zhu and that person not to know anything so that she won’t have too much fantasy.
Soon Bai yinting came. as soon as he entered the door, he ran to Xia Zhu’s eyes and asked her about her situation.
"I’m fine" Xia Zhu nodded.
Bai Yinting took Xia Zhu and looked at Song Yumei. "Mother-in-law Xia Zhu is not in good health these days. Shall I send you to Qishan alone?"
"I’m fine. Why did you throw me here?" Xia Zhu was unhappy.
"You see you look so bad, just go home according to the three-dimensional court." Song Yumei gave a hand and didn’t want to say more.
"Go" Bai Yinting tacit understanding to pull Xia Zhu hand go toward outside walk.
"Bai Yinting, when did you become so obedient?" Xia Zhu began to find that Bai Yinting and his mother seemed to have some secrets from her.
"Xia Zhu, don’t get excited. Let’s go home and talk about it." Bai Yinting tried to persuade her.
But Xia Zhu shook his head again and again. "No, you must know something, right? What about that? Who is the photo? I must have a chance to meet someone, otherwise why not let me know? "
"Xia Zhu, have you had enough trouble?" Song Yumei is a little angry.
"I’m trying to prove that I have a father, too. I’m not jumping out of a crack in the stone. I won’t go looking for him. Even if I meet him, I’ll pretend I don’t know him. Is that okay?" Xia Zhu cried.
Song Yumei some real she know Xia Zhu request is not too much, but if really met do pretend not to know?
"Xia Zhu!" Bai Yinting hugged her. "Calm down and don’t be too impulsive. It really doesn’t matter who that person is. Isn’t it enough that you have my mother to love you?"
Xia Zhu is at a loss as to what she really wants. It seems that even she can’t tell clearly. She has never felt her father’s love since she was a child. Does she lack that love when she grows up?
"Go home, I’m tired." Song Yumei sat on the sofa and looked haggard. Without the peace in the day, she seemed to age a lot instantly.
Real Song Yumei is only forty years old, but after so many years of destruction, she looks particularly old and has white hair on her temples.
"Mom, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made you sad." Xia Zhu suddenly felt uncomfortable and jumped into Song Yumei’s arms and cried.
Chapter one hundred and six Time and tide wait for no man
Xia Zhu finally followed Bai Yinting home. She couldn’t say how lonely she was, and she was still upset about that photo.
Bai yinting didn’t speak all the way, and he was also struggling whether to tell Xia Zhu the truth or not.
Outside the window, the city has ended a day of noise and restored a rare peace. Looking at the deserted streets, Xia Zhu is even more desolate.
"Xia Zhu, do you really want to know who he is?" Bai yinting suddenly ask
"You know, don’t you?" Xia Zhu had a hunch.
"I don’t want to deceive you, but your mother and I are not sure that he will recognize your daughter because he doesn’t know you at all for more than twenty years," said Bai Yinting.
Xia Zhu gawked at Bai Yinting. She never thought of looking for that person, but did she really not even know Li?
"I don’t want to know" Xia Zhu almost instantly figured it out.
Bai Yinting nodded. If Xia Zhu pressed him, he would say something about the next thing and he would try his best to protect her.
"Will you personally send my mother to Qishan?" Xia Zhu asked softly
"Don’t worry, I will settle my mother-in-law a lot and give her some incense money so that she won’t be wronged," Bai Yinting replied.
Xia Zhu nodded. She was tired, closed her eyes and had a bad headache.
When I got home, Bai Yinting Xia Zhu fell asleep and carefully held Xia Zhu in the car. She seemed to sleep deeply and locked her brow deeper.
How can she sleep when she is not really sleeping? I don’t know how to face Bai Yinting.
Xia Zhu’s thinking on the bed is still very clear. She thinks that everything Bai Yinting knows should have something to do with the jade pendant. She should have been cheated.
If that jade pendant is real, will his biological father be jewelry tycoon Zheng Luanxiong?
No way! Xia Zhu refuted the idea almost immediately, but his heart was beating strongly, and all kinds of unreliable conjectures followed.
Finally, it was dawn, and Xia Zhu felt that Bai Yinting was up. When he left the room, Xia Zhu watched him drive away and turned on the light.
Find out that jade pendant, Xia Zhu, pick it up and look at the light repeatedly, hesitating whether to do an appraisal yourself.
Suddenly, she remembered that her mother had said that she wanted to go to * * the other day, and she couldn’t help but make a clever clue. It seems that she jumped together at once. Who else would it be if it wasn’t him?
Zheng Luanxiong is a * * person, and he is indeed the owner of this jade pendant-and his mother said that her biological father is married and has children and daughters, and so is Zheng Luanxiong.
Xia Zhu felt uneasy and put away the jade pendant. Her hands were shaking. It turned out that she came by herself, but the fate of a rich girl would really play tricks on people.
All of a sudden, Xia Zhubai realized that neither mother nor Bai Yinting wanted her to know these things. Of course, the tall man would not admit that he had an illegitimate daughter.
Xia Zhu’s mobile phone has read all the news reports, interviews and introductions of Zheng Luanxiong. After his marriage with his wife, there is almost no scandal, and his mother is unwilling to disturb him, which shows that it is also the best love for him.
Well, since they didn’t become father and daughter, why do they have to insist?
Xia Zhu sighed and was even more relieved. She would pretend that she didn’t know how to be the happiest as before. Her hard days have passed, and now she wants to enjoy the beauty.
Bai Yinting sent a message to Xia Zhu asking her not to eat early. The driver will take her back to the hospital, and then Huang Yubo will arrange an examination for her. If there is no problem, she can be discharged at noon.
Xia Zhu replied to the message and went to wash her face. Her heart was full of passing clouds because of the jade pendant and Zheng Luanxiong.
Song Yumei sat in the co-pilot position of Bai Yinting car. She was a little worried that Xia Zhu’s decision to go out to the temple was also to calm her mind.
"Yin ting, do you think I am wrong?" Song Yumei is holding the Scarlet Letter in his hand, and his eyes are blurred.
"Mother-in-law, I agree with your choice on this issue," Bai Yinting replied.
Song Yumei sighed and took out Xia Zhu from her pocket. She really wanted to see that photo. She has treasured it for more than 20 years. This is her only thought except the jade pendant.
Sometimes if she doesn’t look at the photos, she has forgotten what her favorite person looks like, remembering his beautiful words and her beautiful outline.
Bai Yinting inadvertently glanced at the photos. There were three men on both sides of Song Yumei when they were young. He didn’t see them clearly, but there must be Zheng Luanxiong.
"Mother-in-law, how do you and Zheng Lao know each other?" Bai yinting is curious because they are not from a class level.
"Zheng Lao?" Song Yumei hesitated for a moment before suddenly realizing, "Is Zheng Xiongxiong?"