"You see it now." Taotao twisted his ear harder. "Change your mouth!"
Huijue heroes don’t eat their pride. "It’s rare to see a female ghost with a flat head and a beautiful face like you in a ghost town."
Taotao let go of his hand with satisfaction. He rubbed his ears and muttered, "She is really fierce."
After that, he leaned towards Nangong Dust, trying to gain recognition and generally asked him, "Right?"
Nangong dust is indifferent
Chapter 49 Chapter 49
It’s like he’s never seen moonlight in a wild prison.
Into the ghost town gate, there is a card.
There are two straw huts on the roadside to set up a stall.
On the left, the stall owner is an old woman with a bent back and luxurious clothes, and on the right, there is an old man with white hair and beard.
Sell soup on the left and cakes on the right.
Hui Jue conscientiously acts as a one-day tour guide in the ghost land of Taotao. "They are Meng Po and Ligong, and Meng Po sell Qianchen Tangligong sells ethereal cakes. The strength of the ghost city is the weakest among the four cities, and the city is stable. Anyone who enters the city must choose one to eat Qianchen soup, which can make foreigners lose their memory and prevent spies from sneaking into the ethereal cakes, which will make foreigners become souls, which will be subject to the ghost city agreement."
Foreign evil spirits lined up in front of the dimly discernible cake stall.
After all, there is no difference between forgetting the past dust and being stupid after drinking the past dust soup, and even forgetting the eyes. What are you doing in a ghost town?
The old man of Li Gong clan was so busy that he was sweating profusely.
Flour, feeding, kneading cakes, steaming, steaming in dozens of steamers behind him, a cage of ethereal cakes was robbed as soon as it was out of the pot.
Compared with Meng Po, she is more relaxed. She leans back in the recliner and takes a leisurely nap.
There is a cold cauldron beside me. The soup in the cauldron has not been moved for a long time, and the edge of the cauldron has grown moss.
Taotao is a ghost and needs these.
While Nangong Dust and Huijue were waiting in line for the ethereal cake, she strolled to the Meng Po booth and stared thoughtfully at the pot of dust soup.
After a few breaths, Hui Jue’s body became as light as a ghost.
He wandered around Taotao. "What are you looking at?"
Taotao secretly asked him, "I wonder, if I give this soup to the little monster, will he forget my attempted murder?"
Hui Jue "…"
"He wants to drink the soul-awakening soup, but he can still remember it."
"Wake up the Soul Soup?"
"It is the antidote of Qianchentang that can remind people of lost memory."
Taotao is thoughtful.
Lying asleep, Meng Po suddenly opened her eyes. Her face was full of old wrinkles and she squinted at Taotao.
Although the eyes look peaceful at first glance, they are called Taotao. There is an illusion that the soul is seen through.
She Meng Po looked at the old lady and said, "The soup of the past is against the destiny."
Taotao was surprised and thought, how did she know the identity of Nangong Dust?
Before she could ask Meng Po, she added, "The Soup for Awakening the Soul is also good for you, and your memory is lost in another world. You can’t get it back unless the two passages are opened."
Taotao "Alien?"
She also feels out of place here.
Although she lost her memory, she was able to understand that her language style and habits were completely different from those of Huijue.
She will consciously say some words, but she can’t explain what they are.
Nangong dust got a piece of ethereal cake.
He melted the cake in the palm of his hand into his body.
Taotao wants to ask Meng Po again, but she has closed her eyes and started snoring.
Compared with the gloomy, allowing evil spirits to enter the ghost city, the first big city in the ghost domain is bustling and lively.
The market is full of ghosts who do business and wander around, selling all kinds of spiritual things, flowers and plants, food and clothing, and mortal slaves
Walking in the street, ghosts die in different ways, which is very scary
Most of those who look passable are foreigners.
The Nangong dusty body is in front of the busy market strip.
Taotao is used to his quietness. He was just about to walk past him. He took a branch and wrote on the ground, [Are you dying? 】
Compared with many ghosts in front of us, the face of the girl is so beautiful that it is hard to imagine how the cause of death can not change her appearance at all.
Taotao leng along while can’t believe to ask "am I wrong? He is asking me questions on his own initiative? "