Xie Zhenxuan has played Gu Man in front of her more than once. Every time, she is determined to win. Yesterday, she made no secret in front of her that she chose to ask Gu Man to be his imperial concubine.

See gu man really resist Xie ting frown slowly told her what happened yesterday.
I knew it wouldn’t be as simple as looking at myself to call her into the palace!
Gu man felt that his throat was blocked with a sigh of relief, and he felt uncomfortable.
She slowly drained the tea in the cup and stared at Xie Ting to thank her. "Thank you for telling me the news yesterday, thanks to your help."
Xie Ting saw that she got up and was busy making her debut. "Wait a minute!"
Gu Man suspicious turned to look at him.
"If the six emperors really ask the emperor, they will certainly agree." Xie Ting looked at her and slowly expressed her opinions.
Gu Man certainly knows this, but Xie Ting can actually see that the emperor is different from the six emperors?
Xie Ting took a sip of his tea and said softly, "I heard from Xianfei Empress yesterday that you don’t like the Six Emperors very much."
"This is a fact" Gu Man was sober and quickly echoed.
Xie Ting nodded and added, "But it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. If the emperor opens his mouth, you have to marry if you don’t marry."
"No!" Gu Man once again interrupted him and sneered, "If there is such a day, I guarantee that the Six Emperors can see my body."
According to the degree of the emperor’s partiality to the six emperors, the six emperors may have this plan if they don’t open this mouth.
But I’m tired of fighting for others, and I don’t want to drag the Wangs into any camp
In the future, the six emperors will be robbed of the throne, and the future is uncertain, and she is very scared. She will not marry him to death.
173 Special treatment
Surprised that she would be so white to express her opposition and resistance to Xie Ting, she didn’t speak again at the moment.
He also heard the name Gu Jiu all his life. At that time, he heard that she was the first beauty in Shengjing.
It’s hard to live up to its reputation, but he doesn’t care about it, so it’s always been a rumor that people compliment her. You know, at that time, the imperial teacher Wang Taifuwang had reached the peak, and Wang Boyong could not learn from his grandson.
Women attract a good name. In fact, many Xie Ting have a slight trance. He seems to recall Zhao Wangfu a few years ago. She stretched out her hand in front of her like a jade doll to try to hold herself.
He had to admit that he was one of his own when he stole someone else’s sachet and ran away, and he really wanted to make friends with Gu Man.
It’s a pity that it was too small to come back to life at that time, and the back of the head was a little twisted, which made the strategy all wrong.
However, it is not without gains. They have already made friends, and now they can sit calmly and chat with Curie, the god of food, as friends.
Now it seems that Gu Man is not the same as I ran. She seems to hate Qiu Cangwu and the Six Emperors. So what I did? She finally married Qiu Cangwu. Is it the lesser of two evils?
After careful consideration, he quickly followed Gu Man’s thinking, "Are you afraid that your grandfather will be forced to join the team after marrying into the royal family?"
Not only her grandfather, but also Wang Tingran, who is now an assistant minister of the Ministry of War and will soon be promoted to an assistant minister of the Ministry of War.
Xie Ting is actually very clever, and a person is full of honesty and acquiescence. "The fact that the six emperors look at the virtuous princess is just this. Although my grandfather may not be on his side after marrying me, it is finally a weight, isn’t it?"
One of the best advantages of Wang Boyong is that he never talks about how many people come to him for personal gain, and he is still persistent and alone.
This is why the emperor still believes in him so much up to now.
Touching the tea lamp in his hand, Xie Ting didn’t pick up the words.
He knew that Wang Boyong didn’t like the Six Emperors I, and Wang Boyong didn’t help the Six Emperors from beginning to end. Only after the Six Emperors ascended the throne did he suppress Wang Boyong so much, and then he was severely removed.
The sun gradually rose and went into the house to warm Gu Man’s left shoulder.
Neither of them spoke before speaking.
It wasn’t long before Xie Ting suddenly spoke, "I still have something to ask you for help when I come back."
Something else? Gu full eyebrows to see his one eye, I don’t know, I have a bad feeling in my heart. "What is this time? Don’t let my uncle say that Liu Qi will be your witness? "
Xie Tingmei is hesitant, and her beautiful eyes are particularly clear.
Gu Man was a little surprised and stared at him with his eyebrows raised.
Xie Ting sighed and was about to speak when Chang Chun slammed the door outside and put his probe in. "Master Ouyang Gong is here!"
The two people in the room couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they heard that they were about to speak when Changchun added with some panic, "And Wei Jinran Gong!"
Wei yuran? A few years ago, that chubby, Wei’s nephew, and Wei’s family were going to inherit the title.
Gu Man’s first reaction was to boo and chase Xie Ting a few years ago and accidentally force himself into the lake. The overbearing little boy couldn’t help frowning.
Xie Ting paused, "You send someone to stall them." When Changchun went out, he got up and apologized for rushing to Gu Man to explain, "OuYangCan is nothing, but Wei Jinran had a misunderstanding before you were unfamiliar. If I saw you, it would be difficult for me to have some words here.
Someone will take you from the stairs over there, right? "
Wei Jinran is indeed a very difficult person. Gu Man nodded his head without objection, and he followed a taciturn page in ordinary Tsing Yi to the corridor with Pei Yin holding jade.
I don’t know whether Changchun sent someone to hold on or whether OuYangCan Wei Jinran was too tall to walk for dozens of steps, but they bumped into each other on the other side of the stairs.
Fortunately, she couldn’t see her face with a curtain hat, so she followed the Tsing Yi page downstairs without looking at anything else.
Wei Jinran stopped with great interest to hold the railing and smiled. "I have never seen such a beautiful figure and I don’t know what my face looks like?"
Wei Jinran has actually changed a lot over the years, and it is no longer the wan ku Xiao Pang at the beginning, so Ouyang Cancai is willing to pay it now. When he listens to his words and looks closely again, he feels that the back is really familiar and he can’t help but sink his face and nu way, "What do you mean? Facing a man
Is it also your place to judge women? ! "
OuYangCan this guy sometimes seems to be very flexible and flexible, but when it comes to truth, Wei Jinran smiled and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Min, don’t be so excited. I’m just sighing in vain."
Ouyang can has taken the ideograph, which is the ideograph given by the holy man himself.
Wei Jinran took one look but never looked at Gu Man in that direction again. "Let’s go! Look at what our grandfather just did! "
Xie Ting leaned against the window and looked at Gu Man bending over the carriage and found that Ouyang Can had Wei Jinran come in successively.
Wei Jinran’s heaven is full and imposing. It seems that a few years ago, when he walked a few steps, he would be panting and fat. It’s a world of difference. Now when he saw Xie Ting, he punched his chest and face a few steps ago with a little teasing. "Yo, ok, except for martial arts, you."
Wang Shi Zhao is quite capable. Did that woman go out from you just before we came? Tell me where you came from. "
Ouyang can was recently tested by Wen Kaichun at home every day. He won Huiyuan, which shocked the Shengjing circle again. Even the emperor personally gave him a watch.
At the moment, he frowned and hesitated for a moment, but he still didn’t speak.
Just figure looks like a person.
Here, Gu Yan is embroidering a pair of embroideries in the room. The picture is for the old lady Gu. Her embroidery is proud as a peacock. Now the peacock has begun to take shape, and two eyes have not yet been ordered.
She was biting the thread and showing it outside, but she was a little flustered, but she also ran into the door with some joy to say with smile, "Girl! Sister Ting Xiang is here! "
Ting Xiang? What is the big girl in the old lady’s room doing in her room? She remembers that although the old lady was not as harsh on herself as she was on a big room, she did not pay special attention to love, so she was confused.
But this doubt is only a moment. She smiled and said, "Please come in!"