"That Taiwanese businessman is a widowed lady. We all call her Mrs. Lan. Her son died in a car accident more than ten years ago, and then she hired me as a fake young master without identity." Yang Jiabao’s words were faintly self-deprecating.

"Oh, you scared me." They lay back again. "Go on."
"Mrs. Lan had people buy me a lot of clothes, I went to eat delicious food and paid me every month, and I was responsible for talking to her occasionally."
"Hey, there is such a good job at the end of the day?" When I heard that, Song Shifeng suddenly envied it.
"It’s good, but it’s not that bad. Mrs. Yi Lan is very strict and demanding. You see, I’m very decent now, right? I’ve changed my habits according to his son’s behavior. Before that, I was just like a boy running all over the street, sloppy and timid. What’s more, when I first arrived in Taiwan, Mrs. Lan found someone to give me lessons. According to the video, I learned to speak, learn to dress, learn to walk, and learn everything can be seen and heard. Then after about half a year, Mrs. Lan was dissatisfied Culture, etiquette, hospitality, fun, everything, sociology, everything, and it took years to break it off. "Yang Jiabao looked at the corner of the roof." She often told me that her son said that he could do everything best, and she was always proud of me, but I just learned a little fur and couldn’t even reach his little finger. "
"God, it’s too difficult to take a picture." Ping Yue patted him with fear. "Brothers are really difficult."
Song Shifeng pinched his shoulder and said, "It’s all over." He didn’t know how Yang Jiabao got through it that day. How many people didn’t know the difficulties in these understatements? But he felt sorry for his friend, Mrs. Lan, who invested money visible to the naked eye, but he broke off all his unruly body. He said it was bad or bad, but he felt humbled.
Yang Jiabao smiled. "In fact, it’s also good to change things for the better. Otherwise, where did I learn so many manners from a poor small company? Some people asked me if I was expensive. Haha." He said that it was easy, but I knew what I was suffering from behind.
"But then how to learn the design? Is his son a designer? "
"Well," Yang Jiabao said lightly, "I’ve seen his design draft, which is very thoughtful. If I were alive, I would probably have something. My teacher is also his teacher, and I inherited everything from him. To be honest, I’m very grateful to him because his wife Lan gave me a broader vision and a different life."
"This is a chance, and it’s also your own ambition. Can you try this bowl of rice for a elm knot in one’s heart?" Song Shifeng joked.
"It’s just that I’m guilty and the blessing is yet to come." Ping Yue suddenly remembered. "Then what did you leave again? Isn’t her son gone? "
"Because of something else, I took the initiative with his nephew and kicked me out." His voice was strong and the whole person was low
"It must be his nephew’s fault," Song Shifeng naturally said, and then the man rolled to his arm next to him and tucked his head into his arms. "What should we do if you don’t come back and the three of us leave?"
Yang Jiabao was suddenly hugged by his head, and he was so sad that he fluttered about to save his head. "If you talk, don’t start work."
"I call this a hug. You have to cherish it." Song Shifeng said in a serious way.
"Come on, I’ll hug you, too!" Flat leap and three people immediately rolled into a ball.
No one asked him any more bad things, so he couldn’t expose his brother’s scars.
It’s noisy and noisy, and people who eat and eat have to go home late at night.
Back to the small villa, Song Shifeng was lying in the big Simmons bed, but he couldn’t sleep. He was depressed and rolled from left to right, from the head of the bed to the end of the bed, but he couldn’t sleep.
He suddenly missed Yan Dongjia’s wooden bed very much.
Song Shifeng was never a meeting. If you want to, ask for it.
At dawn, he ran to Yan Dong, pointing to the wooden bed and saying, "I’ll take this bed." There was an unconscious arrogance in this statement.
Yan Dongmeng has no idea what he means. "Are you coming back to sleep?"
"I want to move this bed!"
"What are you doing moving it? Can’t Simmons sleep well on a broken board? "
"I want you to take care of me and buy you a new one. This is mine."
Yan Dong looked at him and said how hard it was for you to come back to live and move the bed, but he just didn’t open his mouth. Since he moved away, he wanted him to move back and live together without doing anything, but after being cheated by a woman, he didn’t dare. He felt that he had changed his mind, and the monster in his head was about to bolt, so it was better to stay away.
So he moved the bed to the villa without saying anything, and set the lever together with the bedding.
Song Shifeng was so satisfied that he finally had a good sleep tonight.
But, but, he still didn’t sleep for half a night!
"Fuck you!" Song Shifeng kicked his feet on the wall and slippers flew with a long face. He went to the company and was so disgusted that people and animals avoided it.
"What’s the matter?" Ping Yue followed up the office "What happened?"
"Insomnia" Song Shifeng was angry.
"I still lost money." Ping Yue sat down on his desk. "Insomnia is hard to say. I fell asleep when I found you some music to listen to."
"You don’t know this, right? It’s normal for us to design insomnia. Who hasn’t got a trick yet?"
"Then I’m dying of a headache. If you can cure me, I’ll give you a credit."
"Forget it. Just do something for me."
"It’s really hard to say it earlier."
"Go to a movie tonight."
He put the movie ticket on the table "Don’t be late at 7: 30 pm"
"ChengChengCheng" Song Shifeng drove him out like a fly. "Don’t forget my business."
"Give me your house key and I’ll move the guy in for you."
"Still moving guys?"
"You’ll know when you finish watching the movie. Go away." Turn out the key from his bag and run away like a breeze.
Song Shifeng expects to have a good sleep tonight.
Song Shifeng entered the only cinema in the county with a movie ticket at 7: 30 in the evening, counting the seats and preparing to sit accordingly.
It’s this!
"How are you?" The ass hasn’t been touched yet. The person next to it is none other than Lu Ting.
Song Shifeng wasn’t surprised at all. "Do you still ask?"
Lu Ting’s face is as black as the bottom of the pot. "You are really good at stirring me up. Are you happy?"
"That can’t be. The most I can do is hang up your affairs. I won’t participate." Song Shifeng hated to smile. "Today, I made an exchange with me and I had to come."
Just then the light went out and the shadow began.
"If you don’t want to see you, go without me." Song Shifeng is not nice anyway.
Of course, Lu Ting wants to go, but he can go as if he had given up. He just sat upright in his seat and didn’t even glance at him, as if he were doing something serious, if he didn’t have soda popcorn in his hand.
Neither of them knew what was going on in a movie. One of them fell asleep in the middle of it, and the other one was almost as upset as sleeping with his eyes closed.
When it was over, Song Shifeng woke Lu Ting, who finally fell asleep.