Qi Lingyun knows best what kind of person her sister is, and although her age may be possible, Yi Yu can never be Qi Xiaer. However, nowadays, everyone says that it is so-called’ a lot of money is ruined!’ This will make Qi Xiaer feel at home in the future? ! And all this is due to Yi Yu’s voice "Mom" outside Emei Mountain! Do you want Qi Lingyun not to hate Yi Yu?

Yi Yu is quite leisurely and greets people. "Hello everyone! It’s all here! Brother Zhuge and Brother Shen have not seen each other for a few days! Brother Xin Chen’s mana is also more refined. Congratulations! " Is this time when he saw the eyes malicious crime gradually approaching JiLingYun and small flying niang seems to feel the danger.
Yi Yu looked at Ji Lingyun and smiled, "Sister Yun, you are beautiful again." Ji Lingyun was stunned by his approximate flirting words. It was neither retreating nor retreating. It was the thought that this guy ruined his sister’s name and threw everything out of the cloud nine.
At this moment, Yi Yu looked at Xiao Fei Niang, who was also in poor complexion, and laughed, "Xiao Fei Niang! Why are you here! Where are you crazy these days? I haven’t seen a shadow at home, "but the words of such intimacy and such familiarity were called out by Yi Yu so naturally, but it made some people in the place indecisive! You know, this Xu Fei Niang has always been in the magic way, and Lian Heng’s status is highly respected
Although Xu Fei Niang has been thoroughly remoulded these days, she is not only getting younger and more beautiful, but also making great progress. Although it does not affect other things, it has already caused a peep from you. Today, as soon as I saw Yi Yu, I called out such a kind of intimacy as soon as I met her. Look at Xu Fei Niang’s face of shame and resentment, but I can’t help but think more about Xu Fei Niang’s pretty little widow and Yi Yu’s notorious romantic species. What good thing can there be!
This Xu Fei Niang’s face turned red. Although she was just a seventeen-year-old girl at this time, she was really a’ little Fei Niang’. After she was reborn, this little Fei Niang was still a girl’s mind. Now she is even more shy when she saw Yi Yu who had met each other with sincerity. She has read "Female Training" and "Fu" since she was a child. If she can stand such flirting, she can’t wait to find a place to disappear.
If you are faced with Yi Yu molesting Xiao Fei Niang, it is also a rumor that you can be indifferent. After all, their identities are too far apart. But now this Xiao Fei Niang is blushing and blushing, but she is at a loss. It is true that something has happened for a long time. Now that Xiao Fei Niang is in the field, everyone is looking at him strangely. Of course, Xiao Fei Niang has attributed all this to Yi Yu’s head and stared at Yi Yu maliciously, and forced him to do so.
At this time, Yi Yu also felt that the two big beauties came by no means throwing themselves at each other while falling back and laughing ramblingly, but Ji Lingyun and Xiao Fei Niang ignored him, all of which were clenched in powder fists and Yi Yu had been pushed to the edge of the cliff, and he didn’t know he was still smiling.
Took a step back again. Yi Yu felt her foot slip and fell off. This fellow is Yi Yu. I don’t know if it was intentional or really frightened. Like killing a pig, the screams echoed in the sky. "Oh, my God! ……”
At this time, Qi Xia ‘er in the back hill of Ningbi Cliff in Emei was carefully sewing a pair of small tiger-headed shoes, and suddenly "A-choo" came together.
Pulled out the embroidery needle in the wrong position and murmured, "I don’t know if it’s me."
Just a few hundred feet of cliff, of course, Yi Yu won’t die. At this time, he has turned over and risen on the wind and gently stopped castration. At first sight, Qi Lingyun and Xiao Fei Niang actually fell off Yi Yu and gave a scream. He really had an accident. Qi Lingyun hurried to the cliff to check.
But the little Fei Niang suddenly felt a sharp pain in her heart, which seemed to stimulate something. It was that kind of feeling that she flew directly to the cliff involuntarily. At this time, Xiao Fei Niang’s mind was clear. She naturally knew that Xiao Fei Niang was just anxious, but she was seen in her eyes. She thought that Xiao Fei Niang was even more annoyed here when her eyes turned tight and her powder fist swung straight at Yi Yu’s face again.
But that little Fei Niang was carried away by anger. She’s a good family, but she’s such an opponent with her fists and Yi Yu’s dogfight, even though she’s powerful and sophisticated. As soon as Yi Yu saw Xiao Fei Niang coming with an irate fist, she smiled and didn’t avoid waving. She had already dissolved Xiao Fei Niang’s powder fist and held her slender wrist in her hand.
When Xiao Fei Niang saw Yi Yu, she still dared to strike back, but she was even more angry. She waved another powder fist and hit Yi Yu’s eyes again. At this time, Xiao Fei Niang suddenly felt that her arm had been restrained and she was caught off guard. She had been easily pulled into her arms. With a strong hand, Xiao Fei Niang’s fine waist was buckled, and that powder fist that was about to commit a crime was being squeezed into the two of them.
At the moment, it seems that Xiao Fei Niang’s only weapon is her chest, which has a strong elasticity. Big rabbit Yi Yu feels the soft elasticity of her chest. At that time, Xiao Fei Niang was unable to hold herself. Suddenly, her face turned crimson, and she suddenly felt a hard help. Although the impression was extremely vague, Xiao Fei Niang still knew what it was. Xiao Fei Niang looked at Xiao Yi Yu for a moment, but then it was a deafening scream.
Besides, the mountain people saw Yi Yu fall, and then Xu Fei Niang followed him, as if to save him, and there seemed to be a deep hatred that he didn’t escape. A moment later, they heard an earth-shattering scream, but it was definitely Xu Fei Niang, and the scream came to an abrupt end. A moment later, they saw a dazzling golden light flying like Xu Fei Niang’s sword light, but it seemed to be somewhat uneasy.
I heard the ringing sound of this little Fei Niang "Yi Yu, you little bastard! You wait for me! I ….. "It seems that I can’t find any threats. Little Fei Niang has disappeared into the sky without saying anything. Everyone can hear that this little Fei Niang’s voice trembled slightly with some crying, but I don’t know what Yi Yu did in the face to make this ten thousand-second fairy Xiao Fei Niang so angry and wronged.
Soon Yi Yu is flying again. Although he is still smiling at this time, he has already hung up. See Yi Yu’s pink face with a faint red handprint. Look at the shape. It should be that Xiao Fei Niang left a row of clear tooth marks on Yi Yu’s lips just now. At this moment, Yi Yu actually added a wound to his tongue, which seems to be still in place.
Four men are still fighting over there, although they are still decent. You come and I go to the royal sword, but they are all paying attention to the changes in Yi Yu’s side, especially after Xiao Fei Niang left angrily. The two brothers and sisters in Xinchen turned over in their hearts, and that Zhuge Jing and Shen Tuhong didn’t expect Yi Yu to come for three or two, so they took away the most difficult Xu Fei Niang, although the means were despised by the gentleman, but the effect was not said.
Then JiJinChan clap Yi Yu thigh a mature way "good! Even Xu Feiniang’s wife dared to do it! Where are you from, Zi Xin, Qiong Ying, Zhi Xian … "Qi Jinchan was counting Yi Yu’s fingers, but he was knocked on the head by Qi Lingyun with a critical millet." Don’t interrupt! "
JiJinChan was about to answer back, only to see her sister’s livid face selecting people, and her eyes were so scared that she shivered. There were also words in her stomach. JiLingyun stared at Yi Yu mercilessly, and looked at his blushing handprints and mouth teeth marks. I didn’t know that she was more angry than before. JiLingyun just said, "Yi Yu! What are you going to do about my sister? "
Although Yi Yujing is wandering in the wilderness these days, the rumors about him and JiXia son have already spread all over the world of fixing the truth, but he still has some news. Today, JiLingyun smells Yi Yu shrugged his shoulders and said, "What should I do?" At that time, Xiaer elder sister chased me hard and beat me. I couldn’t help it … "
JiLingYun a listen to is not anger but didn’t pay attention to Yi Yu alignment XiaEr call nu way "you! You ruined your sister’s name so much that you let her be like a man? " That Qi Xiaer learned Taoism from the hill but didn’t know this secular ethics, but Qi Lingyun was greatly poisoned by Cheng Zhu’s Neo-Confucianism, although
But this deep-rooted idea has not changed. If this happens, she will kill Yi Yu first and then commit suicide.
Yi Yu has some puzzling way "what how to be a man? What’s the matter? If your sister wants to get married in the future, I’ll just give her a certificate. It’s not bad if I can be a semi-married family. "
This is absolutely absurd and heretical in JiLingYun ears, but some of them were stunned by Yi Yu’s anger, and they took it along Yi Yu’s us to listen to JiLingYun’s nu way, "What’s the certificate? ! How can he marry now that you are an illegitimate sister? !” Si Qi lingyun didn’t think that JiXia son would not get married.
After listening, Yi Yu nodded and seemed to have understood how much decision Yi Yu seemed to have made after being lost in thought for a moment. "If Sister Yun really wants to get married in the future, but no one wants it because of this … if she promises not to hit me, I will marry her!" Hearing Yi Yu’s words, all six people present were dumbfounded, as if they had heard another anecdote.
And that JiXia son is furious and was about to give Yi Yu a fat beating. At this time, he saw that the hundred pretty mountains in the south suddenly flew up several swords. When Xin Chen saw it, he smiled. That’s exactly what he arranged. Xin Chen looked at Tang Shi with a cold heart. "Can you find foreign aid? I have no friends?" Join hands with Zhushan Sect today to clean up this thief and his party! " Then I looked at Yi Yu’s people’s secret passages. "By the way, I killed these righteous brothers and sacrificed the flag to boost my new position in the southern magic religion!"
See the XinChen nasty attack a few body flash has been greeted by people have more than a dozen XinChen past fuels laughed "Wu Xiong, Niu Xiong, Qin Xiong three come is really timely! Just together with a few Emei young players, it’s better to kill them and sacrifice my magic teaching banner. "
Seeing this dozen people, there are three people whose faces are dark and tall. It is the black hand, the reality, Wumeng, the deadly mouth, and the nose-turning. It is the leopard head, the god Niu Xian, and the white dress looks feminine. It is the peach blossom road flyover Qin Leng. All three of them are Zhushan hierarch’s confidants and brothers. It is not bad to repair.
When the three men heard Xin Chen say that there was Emei’s younger brother here, they couldn’t help but face a stiff face. It turned out that Xin Chen was the one who killed Tang Shi and others. This Zhushan religion was naturally unambiguous, but at this time, if they wanted to kill Emei people, they had to think about it. They had promised Xin Chen and had already come. If they heard that there were Emei people, they would flatly refuse. Wouldn’t it be a weak Zhushan religion title!
While they were hesitating, Yi Yu did it first. This time, Yi Yulai just came to find JingXie offering to refine the "pure land of bliss". Plus this fight, Ji Lingyun wouldn’t have time to pester him again. Yi Yu naturally wants to strike first.
However, I saw that Yi Yu gently patted the sword in the waist, and the scenery around thousands of feet suddenly changed. Even more than a dozen Zhushan brothers and sisters were introduced into this’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’. Here, there are practitioners who observe the situation according to one place, although they have changed dramatically.
Is that JiLingYun but see around Yi Yu at this time can’t help but feel anxious JiLingYun high call looking around is not just straight to take his life and then quick posture, this let the various ge police Shen Tuhong and I saw some frown.
Just then, I heard that Yi Yu sounded "Welcome to this’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’" in the sky. At this moment, the light and shadow of the Baizhang altar had already shown a beautiful and elegant figure in white. Isn’t it Yi Yuwen who listened to this remark? Is it Emei Zhuge Jing me, Shen Tuhong or the magic teaching Xin Chen? Everyone was shocked to see that there are mountains, water, forests, trees, the sun, the moon and the stars? It was not surprising that Yi Yu’s field was huge.
Yi Yuke didn’t wait for them to observe this "Pure Land of Blissfulness" carefully to see him standing on the altar with one hand pressing the sword and the other with an understatement. That elegance and calmness was really like listening to Yi Yudao as an emperor who controls the sky. "I just started to want to borrow some JingXie sacrifices from your Taoist friends, but I hope you will give them generously."
Of course, Yi Yu said to the Xinchen and Zhushan Sect that although she is in this "pure land of bliss", Yi Yu is still not sure to win this Zhuge police. What’s more, I have a Shen Tuhong! Besides, it’s not the time to turn against Emei, and Emei Qingcheng Mountain is still a friendly country. Naturally, we can’t add swords casually.
Seeing that talking here, the head of Xin Chen and others has gathered a piece of dark clouds with the size of thousands of feet, which almost covered half of the sky. In a blink of an eye, the thick congenital Taiyi thunder was like rain, and it was raining down to see the light, and the thunder was inexhaustible, and the brothers in Zhushan were stunned. I don’t know anything. If you want to know the aftermath, please see "Thunder Starts Stars"
Back to the one hundred and twenty-third thunder surprised the stars.
Seeing that Xin Chen, Tang Shi Wumeng and Qin Leng are all advanced people with magical powers and magic weapons to protect themselves, they are still better, but they are not so lucky to follow the twelve Zhushan brothers. Three people have been chopped into a piece of coke in this continuous lightning strike.
However, the hundreds of thunderbolts were just extinguished by Leifang, and everyone just breathed a sigh of relief. They were preparing to teach each other a magic weapon, but Yi Yu heard a brother from Xiushan, "Ah!" An alarm arm trembling, pointing to the star at the moment in this’ pure land of bliss’ together with Zhuge Jing, Qi Lingyun and others are also looking up, all of which are frightened to disgrace.
I saw that there was a star among the stars, holding hundreds of feet of flame and hitting the’ meteorite’ at the place where the Xiushan Sect gathered. At this moment of surprise, this Yi Yu carefully prepared a large’ meteor’ nearly 100 feet in size for the guests today, and it has reached their heads.
Without really touching the blazing flame, the eyebrows of ordinary brothers in Xiushan, who are difficult to protect themselves, have been burnt, and the brothers Xin Chen and Tang Shi at this time also did not have to contend for what southern demons taught them to do to escape from the’ meteor’.
Although both of them are not inferior to Yi Yu in strength, they are afraid to make moves easily when they see that this’ meteorite’ has a great potential and they want to protect their own strength. The Zhushan Sect Wumeng and Qin Leng are not reckless and fly out of the thousands of feet away to see the truth, but it is not too late to start work. But this world is really not afraid of death. Niu Xian did not move and looked up at the huge’ meteorite’. It seems that it was hard to meet.
Listen to that Niu Xiangao drink a way: "This is all an illusion. There are no stars at the root, but the Tathagata stars have fallen! Look, your grandpa Niu has broken this skill of carving insects! Then pinch the baby’s egg! " Say and see that Niu Xian is really unambiguous. He waved his arm and saw that there was an endless stream of thousands of flying swords flying out of the big sleeve. Although the quality of the flying swords was average, it was better than a large number of flying swords and a sword array. After seeing the thousand flying swords flying out, they were all divided into stars, which were all operated according to the hexagrams and six flowers to form a sword array, and Yi Yu’s "meteor" came to a head-on contest.
At this time, Niu Xian stepped forward but gave the dozen brothers who tried to escape from Zhushan to heaven great hope to see them. They also offered flying swords to meet Yi Yu’s large meteor. But this is Yi Yu’s pure land of bliss, and this meteorite is not an illusion, but a real iron-containing boulder. Think of a round boulder much bigger than the Olympic Bird’s Nest.