Behind the carriage also stopped, the curtain was also opened, and Tian Tang’s carriage went to their side, and they all took the carriage

"God makes an adult"
"There are some things I want to discuss with you." Tian Tang volunteered.
A first-class city is this close. If she doesn’t have a security zone in her hand, even if she does, and the scope of the security zone is enough, she can’t wait to make sure that she can achieve the effect after Shenshen Town is upgraded to a first-class city
Lin Chengfu and Pei Fengping took out two maps before Tian Tang put them on his side.
She originally planned to take it out and mount it somewhere for everyone to watch and have a meeting to discuss the expansion of Da ‘an District, but now it happens to be stuck in An District, which just happens to get rid of this problem with the two of them first.
"This is the current map of Shenshen Town, and this is the map of the imperial court." Tian Tang put the two maps together to see that Shenshen Town is just a small corner on the edge of the imperial court’s sphere of influence.
It’s not that the scope of Shenshen Town is not large enough at present, mainly because the base of Shenshen Town is the main urban area, and the map of the imperial court’s sphere of influence also includes forests, mountains, rivers and so on.
At present, Shenshen Town has 666 square kilometers, which is six times larger than the original situation in Tian Jiacun. Even so, compared with the vast imperial map, Shenshen Town still occupies a small part of the imperial sphere of influence.
In Tian Tang’s memory, the unit of the tail area of a square kilometer is 960 thousand square kilometers.
Compared with 960 thousand, she owns 1 square kilometer, but it’s only 9.6 thousand.
1 square kilometer is 10 thousand square kilometers, even if it is doubled every time on the basis of the original doubling.
Tian Tang compared her own area with the deepest area in her memory, and got that she was more energetic after the theory. What she wanted was the 960,000 in her memory, which was even bigger.
In the face of Pei Fengping and Lin Chengfu’s slightly puzzled expression, she pushed two maps in front of them and pointed to the small map of Shenshen Town. "Now I have almost the current scope of Shenshen Town. In AOA District, if you want to choose an area to cover, which areas should you choose to cover?"
Tian Tang’s question asked Pei Fengping and Lin Chengfu at the same time, showing shock.
Pei Fengping was even more surprised that "the foundation has doubled and expanded now?"
"Yes" Tian Tang nodded calmly and drew a circle outside Shenshen Town with his finger on the position where the two maps are connected. "But it can be expanded in the present scope and towns with more people should be excluded."
From the previous situation of making the self-selected safety zone every time, it can be seen that even the self-selected safety zone is limited when it is made, and such a place with real ownership cannot be directly covered.
But it will be much smoother if she can cover the area around the town and then deal with the town.
"This is not difficult." Even Pei Fengping was excited because of this.
He knew the imperial court well and had a map reference. After being shocked, he quickly discussed with Tian Tang and Lin Chengfu to help confirm the scope of the security zone.
First of all, the first step is to continue to expand the edge map of their current location.
Every time a part of the edge of Shenshen Town is confirmed, it will expand outwards.
Li Erzhu knew that he wasn’t enough Lin Chengfu and Pei Feng Pingcong, and he didn’t join in the fun. His eyes always fell on the blue barrier in the security zone, and he saw the blue barrier in the security zone retreat a little bit, and the more he watched it, the more his heart beat.
After several choices, Tian Tang appeared again.
[Congratulations to the player on the completion of [ten-level (1/1) town, one square kilometer (1/1) fertile land, five blocks (5/5) life skill level (6/6) town GDP of 30,000 (30,000/30,000), transportation value of ten thousand (ten thousand/ten thousand) in the first-level city]. Drawing of fire-fighting body in the first-level city reward city *1 Drawing of fire hydrant set *1 Fire extinguisher.
[Congratulations to the player for completing [a one-man army] and rewarding the military boxing teacher (np)*1 silver *1 two-person experience 1 hope value 1]
[Open the urban planning map of Anqu]
Go to ancient verse 19 with life games.
[Opening the city and trading market (area)]
[Small Town Home Upgrade City Star]
[Please name the player’s city _ _ _ _ _]
Chapter two hundred and sixty Future plans
[city of gods]
[Do you confirm the name of the small town as "Spirit City"? 】
[Named successfully]
One of the reasons why Tian Tang didn’t hesitate to change the name of Tian Jiacun this time is that the name of Tianjia Town is too strange, and Shenshen Town is named "Shenshen", which has been carefully considered by her and naturally will not be changed.
And since the reputation of "there are gods in the north" has been finished, the name "gods" will naturally continue.
After the successful naming, the appearance of Shenshen City or Shenshen Town has not changed much.
According to the upgrading of the secondary town, it is necessary for her to confirm the "Ten-level Town" and "First-level City" and re-plan the Shenshen City at the same time, so that the whole city will change greatly.
"Go back to Shenshen Town," Tian Tang looked up. "There will be some big changes in Shenshen Town, and you may need your help to appease it."
The first person who reacted this time was Li Erzhu. Almost immediately, he remembered something that happened in the past. Looking at Tian Tang, he was excited. "Is it like the former Tian Jiacun turned into a town of gods?"
Tian Tang smiled and nodded "Yes"
Get her affirmative answer, all the people present except Pei Fengping were a little excited in their eyes.
When Pei Fengping came to Shenshen Town, Shenshen Town was already a Shenshen Town. He had not experienced the process of upgrading Shenshen Town from a village to a small town, but judging from the expressions of Li Erzhu and others, he could guess what happened.
Tian Tang didn’t specifically explain it. Anyway, the town of Gods will be upgraded sooner or later. It is better to let Pei Fengping see the changes in the town of Gods with his own eyes. He said with a smile, "Pei Lao will soon know what will happen in the town of Gods."
Pei Fengping nodded with a smile. "Pei is also very interested in what will happen to Shenshen Town."
Because several people are very concerned about the changes in the docking town, they didn’t chat again on the way back.
The carriage stopped all the way to the small town.
At this time, the townsman has become a city star, and the difference between them is not only the name, but also the office area has changed directly from the original two floors to six floors, and the overall appearance style is more magnificent.
Therefore, when the carriage arrived in Tian Tanggang, it attracted everyone’s attention.
"God makes an adult"
"God made adults inside …"
Tian Tang took the carriage and looked at the crowd with a smile. "I already know that this is a reward given by the goddess. In the next few days, there may be some changes in the whole town. Then I will directly issue an announcement and ask you to tell the people that there will be some special changes in the town. No matter what happens, it is normal. Don’t worry."
After she finished, she was always nervous, and everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief and came to their senses.
"God has made the town of God an adult, but it has to be renamed?" Mei qi looked at Tian Tang.
"Yes" Tian Tang smiled.
Finally, I got the confirmation message from her side, and all the faces were as excited as the former Li Erzhu people.
Tian Tang had a brief talk with them again, intending to go to the pavilion to confirm the reward immediately. But it is still in broad daylight, and now it is as big as Shenshen Town to inform the people, which is not as convenient as when the village was upgraded before, so as to avoid causing unnecessary panic among the people. Tian Tang still held a meeting in person to arrange and decide on the planning of Shenshen Town.