The night spirit sticks out a pair of sharp claws and digs them into the body of the evil spirit dog. At the same time, it opens its mouth and bites the throat of the evil spirit dog!
The yard suddenly quieted down.
Fracture ring
The throat of the evil spirit dog was bitten off by the night spirit, and the blood gushed out and dyed the ground red.
The whole process is too fast.
Not only is the evil spirit dog, but also Su Mo and Lin Xuanji didn’t react.
The evil spirit dog’s body twitched but resisted, and its eyes dimmed, and the breath of life quickly passed away, and it could not live.
This is a killing!
There is nothing superfluous about the night spirit’s hand, and the timing is not worse than the accuracy!
An ancient species!
I was bitten to death for no reason. Who would believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes?
"I am!"
Lin Xuanji jumped up.
In order to kidnap the night spirit Lin Xuanji, he racked his brains to get this evil spirit dog.
Who would have thought that it had just been delivered and was bitten to death by the night spirit …
At this moment, Lin Xuanji wants to be dead.
"You this dog I I I …"
Lin Xuanji was trembling with anger, pointing to the night spirit nose with a folding fan and swearing.
Night spirit first lifted and bit Lin Xuanji folding fan again, biting and dragging it to the back.
Lin Xuanji took precautions against folding fans and almost sold them.
"hey! You, you vicious dog, let go! "
Lin Xuanji’s nose is crooked.
Don’t bite the night spirit, always trying to take his folding fan away.
Lin Xuanji can throw away everything except this folding fan.
Just then a sound came from the door of the house.
"Excuse me, can I customize the psychic here?"
A monk Tsukiji asked the probe inside at the door, with some doubts in his tone.
"Of course."