According to the original work, because Hou Tonghai didn’t want to kill people in the inn, Guo Jing made a duel in the black pine forest the next day, but Huang Rong came to the black pine forest to save the hero, hanged the four ghosts of the Yellow River and teased Hou Tonghai.

"That Huang Rong obviously wants to rub a meal and probably won’t come to save Guo Jing …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about it but heard the sound of "jingling or scratching" coming from next door, which was obviously a fight.
"How come the fight is not right with the original!" Ling Feiyang was worried that Guo Jingan hurriedly pushed the door out only to see two hatchets and a big living man flying out of the door of Guo Jing at the same time and falling to the building together. It must be Qian Qingjian, the "Sang Men axe" in the four ghosts of the Yellow River.
The people in the inn were awakened and surrounded in the lobby on the first floor. At this time, another machete and a big living man flew out. It was the "soul-breaking knife" that Shen Qinggang’s first-floor guests exclaimed and let Shen Qinggang’s body slam on a table and smashed the wooden table to powder.
Ling Feiyang grabbed Guo Jing’s door and saw that there were still two big living people lying in the room with a pike and a soft whip. It was Wu Qinglie, the "life-hunting gun", and Ma Qingxiong, the last one with a thin face, who was still playing lively with Guo Jing. The man had three big sarcomas on his forehead and three forks in his hand, which was obviously Hou Tonghai, the uncle of the Four Ghosts of the Yellow River.
"The original Guo Jing spelled a life can also be tied with the four ghosts of the Yellow River, but now Guo Jing can easily put down the four ghosts of the Yellow River and look at it and will not lose to Hou Tonghai …" Ling Feiyang thought.
Ling Feiyang watched intently and saw that Hou Tonghai danced the three-pronged dance so wildly that he knocked the tables and chairs of the house to pieces. Guo Jing was very strong and powerful with his bare hands. It seems that Xiren Nan, the fourth master, taught him "Nanshan Boxing"
After fighting for dozens of rounds, Hou Tonghai not only couldn’t hurt Guo Jing, but also gradually fell into a bad mood and cried. Three forks suddenly stabbed Guo Jing and Guo Jing flashed to the side. The fork was inserted into the closet behind him.
Hou Tonghai hurried to pull out the three-legged fork, and Guo Jing took advantage of it to sweep the legs so that it was the third master, Han Baoju, who fought martial arts and Hou Tonghai fell to the ground.
"The point is too hard to withdraw!" Hou Tonghai shouted that he had always fled to lie on the ground. Wu Qinglie and Ma Qingxiong also hurriedly got up and fled the room awkwardly.
Guo Jing walked out of the door but didn’t catch up with Hou Tonghai and others. He hugged his fist at the store and tenants on the first floor of the inn and said, "I’m sorry to disturb everyone’s rest. I’ll pay for the loss in the store!"
Everyone saw that Hou Tonghai and the Four Ghosts of the Yellow River were not good people, so they all clapped their hands for a long time before they went back to their rooms to rest.
"When I was in Mongolia, the four ghosts of the Yellow River colluded with the Golden Man in an attempt to kill Temujin Khan and I taught them a lesson, but they held a grudge and moved their uncle to help." Guo Jing told Ling Feiyang the story.
"This Guo Jing makes martial arts seem to be the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River …" Ling Feiyang thought, "This’ three-headed dumpling’ Hou Tonghai’s martial arts may not be lower than Ke Zhene and Zhu Cong, but Guo Jing actually won Hou Tonghai with these superficial martial arts, which shows that Guo Jing’s talent has far surpassed his seven masters.
Is this the protagonist’s aura? Is Yang Kang destined to be a foil to Guo Jing? "Ling float in the sky to this can not help but drunk fairy floor about a month and a half later launched a sorrow.
Chapter 61 Tournament to get married
The next morning, Ling Feiyang took Guo Jing away from the inn to the busiest downtown of Zhangjiakou. When he heard the noise and applause from the people in front, he leaned in together.
Two people saw a group of people around a piece of land with a pennant embroidered with four gold-lettered pennants of "Tournament for Marriages", a red tassel iron gun on the left side and two wrought iron halberds on the right side.
Ling Feiyang knew the plot like the back of his hand and thought to himself, "Finally found Yang Tiexin and Mu Nianci!"
At this moment, the girl in red, Mu Nianci, is playing a contest with a big fellow in the venue. Mu Nianci suddenly sells a flaw and exposes the big fellow, regardless of whether the other party is a woman. He uses a trick of "double dumpling out of the hole" and punches her chest with his fists. Mu Nianci’s body is slightly off the left arm, sweeping and hitting the big fellow’s back. The big fellow cried and fell straight out, and he got up and got into the crowd with shame.
Guo Jing looked at Mu Nianci and saw that she was slim and graceful with white teeth and good looks, but her face was slightly dusty and suddenly said to Ling Feiyang, "This woman is not a yellow girl!"
"I didn’t say she was …" Ling Feiyang said.
"But the female appearance is also good …" Guo Jing then added, but the sound seems to be a little louder. Mu Nianci suddenly glanced at Guo Jing and seemed to have heard this sentence.
"Do you want to have two moves with this girl?" Ling Feiyang asked Guo Jing in a low voice.
"If I beat her, will she marry me?" Guo Jing asked, it seems that he has forgotten about finding Huang Rong.
"Of course, or how do you call it a contest to recruit relatives?" Lingfeiyang avenue
"But I’m not going to marry a younger sister …" Guo Jing said.
"If the good-looking female Guo Xiandi wants to recognize her sister?" Ling Feiyang asked
"It is so much younger sister after marriage will not worry …" Guo Jing said.
"The original sister can also be transformed into a wife. This is Guo Jing Theory …" Suddenly Ling Feiyang felt that Guo Jing’s life realm was far beyond himself.
"It seems that Guo Jing knew the saying of pushing younger sister as early as the Southern Song Dynasty …" Ling Feiyang was thinking that two people jumped to the center of the venue at the same time, one was a fat old man and the other was a bald monk. Both of them were vying to compete with Mu Nianci first and finally fought by themselves. Yang Tiexin really couldn’t watch three punches and two feet and knocked them down.
"It should be Yang Kang’s appearance, but as early as 17 years ago, I and my uncles have already brought Yang Kang back to the true religion. I don’t know if it should continue to develop …" Ling Feiyang was thinking about suddenly hearing the ringing of the bells from outside the crowd, and a Chinese public was surrounded by dozens of healthy servants.
"How can there be a man and a woman two Yang Kang? Is it a parallel theory? " Ling Feiyang thought of here and almost fainted.
At this time, the public has been divided into crowds and walked into the venue. Ling Feiyang finally saw the face of this person. It was yesterday that he met the little prince in Zhao Wangfu!
"I want to ask the girl a few tricks in Yan Hong Shouxu!" The male politely said to Mu Nianci fuels.
"Yan hong shou Xu? Isn’t he the future Jin Aizong? Eleven years from now, the allied forces of Song and Mongolia surrounded the capital of Jin Guo, and Jin Aizong defended the city for many days and hanged himself after the city was broken. "Ling Feiyang came to be interested in history, but he probably knew about this history because he liked shooting novels.
At this moment, all the eyes of the audience were attracted by this charming man. Mu Nianci looked at Yan Hong Shouxu with a pair of wonderful eyes and seemed to have a good impression on him. But Yang Tiexin came forward and said, "I, Mu Yi, a young girl from the Song Dynasty, can’t marry a gold man. Please forgive me!"
Although Zhangjiakou is the boundary of Xu Jin Guo, it was robbed from the Northern Song Dynasty. It is still dominated by Han Chinese. These people cried out when they heard Yang Tiexin’s words.
"What’s wrong with xu jin guo? Since you are recruiting relatives on the site of Jin Guo, how can you not allow Jin Guo ginseng! Besides, I’m fighting this girl, not you! " Yan Hong Shouxu was obviously angry and went straight to Mu Nianci and said, "Please, girl!"
Mu Nianci frowned and said nothing. This male sleeve gently shook to Mu Nianci’s shoulder and brushed away to Mu Nianci. When he saw that his hand was extraordinary, he was slightly surprised and hurriedly converged his mind. The sleeves of Yan Hong Shouxu even waved and attacked three strokes, but they were all flashed by Mu Nianci. They both looked at each other in their hearts and continued to move into the fight to see that Yan Hong Shouxu was full of glory. Mu Nianci’s retreat from the red shirt and crimson skirt seemed to turn into a red cloud. Suddenly, he heard "before" a long sleeve of Yan Hong Shouxu was gently lifted by Mu Nianci.
"The male have sinned against! Let’s go! " Yang Tiexin cried.
"But haven’t scored the battle! Young master is coming true! " Yan Hong Shouxu grabbed the skirt and pulled the brocade robe and jade buckle outward, and fell four times to reveal the lake green satin shirt inside, and then left palm swung forward and split a palm, which actually made Mu Nianci’s belt float.
"This public is going to show real kung fu!" The people around you are thinking, but Ling Feiyang has seen that the martial arts used by Yan Hong Shouxu turned out to be the Peach Blossom Island Blue Wave Palm Technique! Ling Feiyang has seen this palm method in two meetings between Chen Xuanfeng and Mei Chaofeng and recognized it immediately.
"It seems that Mei Chaofeng’s letting Wan Yan Shouxu help her find the training target is actually giving him everything!" Ling Feiyang was thinking that Yan Hong Shouxu in the field had forced Mu Nianci to be overwhelmed. Suddenly, when her right arm was copied, she held her in her arms. Mu Nianci flew to kick Yan Hong Shouxu, but she loosened her right arm and hooked her wrist. She grabbed her and kicked her right foot. Mu Nianci struggled to pull out the jade foot, but an embroidered shoe fell into Yan Hong Shouxu’s hand.
"This bridge section is really consistent!" Ling Feiyang thought to himself
Mu Nianci had been blushing for a long time, but Yang Tiexin suddenly said, "Although this man won the little girl Mumou, he can’t marry her to you!"
"I don’t want to marry her yet, but now that you mention it, I have to marry her!" Yan Hong Shouxu became angry from embarrassment and suddenly became tough!
"I said this uncle, your daughter hasn’t said that she won’t marry you. What are you doing here?"
"Yes, what’s wrong with gold! I don’t think this handsome man is worthy of your daughter’s saying that you are climbing high! "
"This girl, I think you also like this man. You might as well marry him!"
Some of these people are indifferent to their national concepts, and they are clamoring in succession. It is difficult for Yang Tiexin to suddenly see a white figure passing over the heads of the people and floating in the field.
Chapter 62 Xia Nv Yang Kang
"I heard that someone is competing here to recruit relatives, and I will join in the fun!" Yang Tiexin looked up to see the bearer’s face like a crown of jade, his lips like a crown of jade, his white robe spotless, and he was a handsome man! Moreover, the look of the white robe’s brow is somewhat similar to that of Yan Hong Shouxu!
The white-robed man looked at each other with Yan Hong Shouxu, and it was a little strange in his heart, but he did not think much of Yan Hong Shouxu and immediately said, "You are late, this man!"
The white-robed man ignored Yan Hong’s words and walked up to Yang Tiexin and said, "Uncle, your idea of competing for marriage is really wrong!"
"This tournament just wrong? I have to ask the public for advice when I am blunt! " Yang Tiexin didn’t want to marry his daughter to this Jin Guogong. Seeing the changes at the moment, of course, he immediately asked along the white robe.