King Kong cannon has pulled the trigger.

Chapter 113 Three Sages Reality
Fortunately, the imaginary splash of flesh and blood didn’t appear, and the tiger shot across the forest.
"The younger brothers don’t know the real person’s dharma, look at the real person when they offend, and it’s a pity to forgive the real person of the three sages." Mu Zhuifeng hurriedly rushed to the purple-horned tiger to make a gift
I didn’t think that this tiger with purple horns looked forward to chasing the wind and apologized. He ran straight from the body of the King Kong gun and shook himself to become a purple Taoist. He sat on the stone pier and grabbed a jar of chess, then fought with the previous veteran.
"I’m fine. Why are you looking at me like that?" Mu Zhuifeng and I looked at the King Kong cannon. Previously, the tiger ran past him and he was unscathed.
"I know what’s going on," said King Kong Bao, and the two road flyovers rushed to Zhengqi. "Hello."
Mu Zhuifeng and I looked at each other in a cold sweat because of the reckless behavior of King Kong Gun. I don’t know what this guy really wants to do.
"Old enough that they can’t see us." King Kong Bao reached into a Taoist neck and waved it back and forth. "Are they ghosts?"
"Fourth Senior Brother, come back soon" Mu Zhuifeng took the lead in reacting and came back with the King Kong cannon. I quickly dragged this troubled ancestor along the mountain road.
"Don’t be ridiculous. The tiger with two horns is Huang Ling. It’s very good with our master." Mu Zhuifeng complained about the King Kong cannon
"I know, I know." Behind the finger of King Kong cannon, "Why can’t they see us?"
Mu Zhuifeng shook his head in doubt and indicated that he didn’t know why.
"It is very likely that we live in a different world from them." I pulled out my cigarette and lit it.
"Are they ghosts?" The king kong gun robbed me of smoking a cigarette.
"Is your ghost so well treated?" I’ll order another one. "It’s more appropriate to say it’s a fairy."
"Don’t immortals live in heaven?" King Kong Bao curled his lips and denied my inference.
"Where do they live if there is no atmosphere in the sky?" I asked the king kong cannon
"Then where is this?" King Kong cannon looked around. "It’s almost the same as outside."
Speaking of "the place where monks live", I thought of a modern phrase "this should be four dimensions!"
"What is four dimensions?" Although Jin Gangpao has a high school diploma, he is actually semi-literate. If I want him to understand what four dimensions mean, I have to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity to him first. I don’t want to talk to him, so I tried to explain it to him in a popular way. "The biggest difference between four dimensions and three dimensions in our lives is that there is no concept of time in four dimensions."
"I don’t understand what you mean." King Kong Gun turned and took a step.
"See if the hands of your watch still go?" I quickly followed the king kong cannon.
"Why did it stop?" The king kong gun shook his wrist. We wear watches or the army’s automatic machinery. The military watch needs to be strung, and it can be strung automatically by the usual wrist activity.
"What do you mean by’ silver light leads the soul back to the road and the years are long’? It is relatively stagnant here."
"Stop talking and I’ll be crazy." King Kong cannon interrupted me with a wave of his hand. "How far is it to chase the wind?"
"The opposite mountain peak is the master’s breath. I know it." Mu Zhuifeng’s voice is slightly vibrato, which shows that he is very nervous.
The three of them climbed a mountain to speed up and met several senior interceptors again. Although we couldn’t see the root, we admired the wind and kowtowed one by one.
"What did you say hello to that big snail just now?" King Kong Cannon smiled and asked Mu Zhuifeng, who had passed by a clear water lake before, longed for Zhuifeng to kowtow to a giant river snail near the lake.
"Four senior brothers, don’t laugh any more. That’s our senior who intercepted magic water ridge sand beads." Mu Zhuifeng is very good at King Kong cannon Hu Fei.
"Isn’t it dead?" King Kong cannon looked back at the huge snail by the lake. "How did it become a snail again?"
As soon as I heard this, I knew that he was confused. "First, it was a snail, not a snail. Second, the island in the green lake died of sand brocade beads, not sand colored beads. Their magic water ridge is the word’ pearl’, which is the same as the word’ wind’ in Ziyang."
Mu Zhuifeng nodded to indicate that what I said was not bad.
Words The three men came to a Taoist temple, and the Taoist temple in front of them was very simple, with a left and right slant hall and a main hall. It was the main hall, and the size of the house we usually lived in was not different from that of many Taoist temples. In a huge bronze tripod in the mountain gate compound, cigarettes were ethereal, and there was a huge ginkgo outside the temple gate. Although it was simple, it was full of solemn Taoist majesty.
Mu Zhuifeng and I looked at each other and stepped into the gate.
"Is it here? Don’t go the wrong way." King Kong Bao followed suit.
Mu Zhuifeng and I quickly shook our heads to signal him not to make noise. This must be the Sansheng Reality Dojo, because the Taoist temple in front of us was simply a size smaller than that of Ziyang in those days.
The three men crossed the courtyard to lift their legs and marched into the main hall. The main hall was served with a bronze statue of Zhang Yu, and they set foot on the Kuiniu fairy beast, holding Lingbao and dusting the long hair shawl. It turned out that it was a statue of the heavenly leader, who was majestic in the world
Looking left and right, I saw a hundred pieces of straw on the east side of the main hall. The futon was sitting cross-legged. An old Taoist priest was wearing a purple robe with a white beard and three strands of white hair hanging down. Yu Mei’s demeanor was solemn and solemn. Who else could it be?
"Master is unfilial, and the disciples follow the wind and follow the wind." Mu Zhuifeng pulled the King Kong cannon and quickly rushed to the Three Sages. He knelt down and kept kowtowing. Although the Ziyang view is a cut-off, the seniority of the disciples is extremely important. It should also be adhered to by the order of seniority. It is reasonable to say that the three of us should be the first to salute Nai. This guy will seal the jade and can’t remember anything. Therefore, Mu Zhuifeng pays tribute to the master for him.
"My mentor has mercy on you and you are here." This time, it’s the turn of the air bearer to kowtow to the Three Sages. It’s said that it’s the air bearer instead of me. It’s because I saw the Three Sages that I woke up again. The Ziyang view has always been taught by the younger brother who took over the gate, which is what we commonly call the younger brother. Although the Three Sages had long known that it was impossible for the air bearer to live in the gate for a long time, they still privately taught many secrets, which made the Daoism soar sharply in just a few years and later caused the big brother Feng Ling to be jealous of the dark hand. Put the sunflower in a tea cup, and the three saints who want to ruin the road will not tolerate it. After noticing it, they will expel Feng Ling from Ziyang View. The three saints will also present three pieces of Ziyang Ningyuan Dan, which is painstakingly refined. The three saints are very kind to the youngest apprentice, who has the deepest feelings with him.
After nine knocks, the three saints didn’t respond. They still sat down on the futon and bowed down to the ground. The atmosphere didn’t dare to take a breath, let alone move. Because there was bluestone in the hall, I felt pain in my knees a moment later. It is estimated that the King Kong cannon is better than the constant twisting of my knees.
I dare not speak out to stop it, but I can’t help it.
After kneeling for about half an hour, King Kong finally lost his temper. "Can’t he see us?"
As soon as the words of King Kong cannon came out, I knew it was bad. He was in trouble again. The Three Sages usually wear a light blue robe and a purple robe. They only wear it on important occasions or when they preach to their brothers. The purple robe that the Three Sages are wearing today is likely to have known that the three of us are coming today.
If not, the words sound just fell and the three saints sitting on the grass bouquet futon suddenly opened their eyes.
Chapter 114 Apprenticeship
"How did the unbearable goods end up like this?" I don’t know whether it’s a king kong cannon or a wind-rider or a wind-chaser. At the moment, the three men are ragged and unkempt, and there is no free and easy way for monks.
People who ride the wind and admire the wind crawl on the ground, and they dare not take a breath. The Three Sages have a bad temper, and they are extremely strict with the disciples, and they are not afraid of three points.
"You wait for two people to get up for the time being." The three saints rushed to take the air duct man and longed for the wind to raise their hands. If they were granted Amnesty, they quickly got up and stood in the position of thousands of years ago. The three saints took the air duct man on the right and stood seven steps away from the left.
"Why don’t you kneel down?" The Three Sages rushed to the silly side of the King Kong Gun and shouted angrily. The sound was loud and scared the King Kong Gun. An excited hand didn’t know where to put it for help. It seemed to look at me. Now, although my body is awake, I have been manipulated by the air man to wake up. How did he do the King Kong Gun? I didn’t respond. I turned to look at Mu Zhuifeng and quietly raised my right hand and pointed to the ground to signal him to kneel.
King Kong Gun hurriedly threw themselves at the Three Sages and looked up at them. I longed for Zhuifeng. On the opposite side, I saw Mu Zhuifeng raise my finger again and motioned for him to bow his head. Unfortunately, King Kong Gun didn’t understand her meaning or looked at the Three Sages.
The Three Sages stared at him when they saw the King Kong cannon ceremony. They were really angry and didn’t see what he was doing. They came to the King Kong cannon and kicked it out of the hall with a lift.
The king kong cannon, alas, alas, rolled out of the hall and stood still by the incense burner. It is estimated that it was trampled by the three saints.
Mu Zhuifeng wanted to help him in the past, but he was stared back by the three saints. The three saints looked at Mu Zhuifeng for a moment and then asked, "Resist the spirit and prolong the spirit to harm others and harm yourself?"