Yan Yan Che frowned and picked her up and walked out of the dark room.
The dead fat girl is so delicate that she can’t stand the toss at all!
Yuan Gungun lay in a big bed and fell asleep.
"What’s wrong with her?" Yan Yanche sat by and watched the doctor release the air conditioning.
"I have a high fever … I gave her an injection to reduce the fever … it should be all right …" The doctor looked at his cold and handsome face and stammered the report.
"Go out" Yan Yan Che ordered coldly without looking at him.
"Yes!" The doctor ran out like an amnesty.
Yan Yan looked at her quietly, her little face was a little red and morbid, and an unknown feeling flashed in her heart, as if … regret?
He shook his head and wanted to get up and go back to his room, but his body was not obedient and he insisted on sitting next to her, even his eyes were not obedient and he insisted on looking at her.
That’s enough! Since she came, he hasn’t been upset normally, brushed his hair and finally looked at her quietly … until he was sleepy and fell asleep next to her.
In the morning, Yuan Gungun woke up in a daze, stretched himself and snorted twice, then got up, went into the bathroom, knocked on the door, looked at the scene before him, blinked and rubbed his eyes. "Are you a young master?"
"What do you say?" Lying in the bath pool, Yan Yan ridiculed and pulled the corners of his mouth.
"Oh …" Yuan Gungun nodded after half ring.
Yan Yanche provoked the knife-shaped eyebrows and got up gracefully from the bath. He picked up the black bath towel by the pool and wiped his body at will. There was no embarrassment in the process from’ clothes’ to’ clothes’, showing his sexy figure …
Yuan Gungun stared at him with a face of disbelief.
Yan Yan Che went over and touched her forehead.
Still hot …
Yuan Gungun’s face is red, wriggle and hide, and you look at him with a perverted expression.
"Wash up and then come out," Yan Yan commanded faintly, and then walked straight out of the bathroom as if he had been struck by lightning.
After a long time, Yuan Gungun still hid in the bathroom and refused to go out. As a result, he was caught out like a chicken and lost his bed.
Yuan Gungun looked at an extra man in a white coat in the house and stood on guard and shrank to the bedside.
"Come here," Yan Yan looked at her coldly and ordered.
Yuan Gungun looked at the white man and shook his head desperately.
Yan Yan Che didn’t talk nonsense with her, just grabbed her and pressed the bed.
Yuan rolling hands and feet waving struggling "I don’t want it! I don’t want an injection! "
"Don’t touch me again and let him. Do you believe it or not?" Yan Yan held down her hands and feet and threatened her cruelly.
Yuan rolled stiff and dared not touch again, but cried loudly.
Yan Yan Che looked at the white man and motioned for him to start work.
The man tied her hand with a plastic rope. "Little sister clenched her fist."