Xiao Lingyu didn’t want to cause any more trouble, so he didn’t say hello to people. He quietly left the camp of the filariasis mercenary group and then went to the south gate of Duhu.
Getting out of the city is very smooth, but there are also many monks near the gate. He needs to find a secluded place to sacrifice the tubular sacristy and quickly hide away.
"Xiao …
Chapter 734 Strange humanoid fog
? Chapter 734 Strange humanoid fog
The power in both fields has offset Jihongxuan, but it has not been attacked by Xiao Lingyu. Later, he also drove the black lotus flower to continuously emit black poison arrows and continue to bombard Xiao Lingyu.
Xiao Lingyu depressed to find that even if the Hallows mirror of Yin and Yang moved, not only did he still defeat Qi …
Chapter 735 Miss Yue 1
? No.735 Miss Yue Xhang 1
Even if Yueru has married Ji Hongxuan Xiao Lingyu, she will not care about her safety, and she will not watch Yueru be implicated by herself.
And even if you want to go, Xiao Lingyu won’t go so despondently.
He hasn’t really been afraid of anyone since he practiced, never even in …
Chapter 736 Miss Yue 2
? Jing Girl’s old friends Xiong Meng and Zhang Hai also received wedding invitations, but like Xiao Lingyu, although they are friends who are going to get married, they are not all happy. Not all of them are the first romances.
Not to say that Xiao Lingyu several people have any idea about Jing Girl, but they feel that there is one less credible human figure around them, which makes them uncomfortable and makes Xiong Meng several people feel a little confused.
The wedding of Guan Yiwei and Jing Girl was not held until three months after the invitation was sent out. The invited guests gathered in the open-air wedding venue of Guanjia Courtyard.
Xiao Lingyu came and sat at the same table with Xiong Meng and other filariasis mercenary monks.
The arrival of Ji Hongxuan and Yueru didn’t surprise Xiao Lingyu. After all, they also invited Guan Yiwei and Jing girl for their wedding.
To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, Jihongxuan and Yueru just came to say hello, and then Xiao Lingyu sat at the same table.
It may be that the distance is too close, or it may be that Ji Hongxuan deliberately reveals his own breath. Xiao Lingyu can feel that Ji Hongxuan’s strength has improved, which makes him feel even heavier.
If you still can’t beat Qi Hongxuan at the peak of the later period of chaos and mystery, do you want to hit the seventh turn of the nine-turn chaos tactic?
Xiao Lingyu didn’t stay much in the sixth turn, even if he reached the peak of the later period of chaos and mystery, he still needed to prepare a lot of materials to try to impact the seventh turn, and this preparation process will definitely take a long time.
"How’s Brother Xiao recently?" Month such as sit carefully asked.
"Hehe, I’m fine. How about you?" Xiao Lingyu so easily laughed
"I am also very good … Hongxuan is very kind to me. I am already an intermediate refined pharmacist." Yueru is a happy tunnel.
When JiHongXuan and YueRu came in, Xiao Lingyu saw that they were holding hands and looking like a loving couple.
"I told you I wouldn’t be wronged at all if I was in terms of terms. Xiao Xiong can rest assured."
Jihongxuan chimed in and forgot what Xiao Lingyu was still threatening with Yueru before.
"I’m very relieved about Yueru, but Jixiong is a little uneasy."
Words to this Xiao Lingyu half narrowing her eyes smiled and then said, "JiXiong body has a strange smell Yin Tang also has a piece of purple may be a disaster"
Jihongxuan’s face sank first, and then his expression returned to nature. He said, "I can go further now that I can believe it today, but thank you for waking up. If something really happens to me, I also have the method of avoiding misfortune."
Xiao Lingyu nodded indifferently, without any more words, simply drinking the wine.
Yueru naturally doesn’t understand what Xiao Lingyu and Ji Hongxuan mean. She is very clever and silent. She knows that Xiao Lingyu and Ji Hongxuan have something to do with each other, but she doesn’t know who to help. After all, one is a man who once tempted her, and the other is a man she married.
Jing girl Guan Yiwei’s wedding is almost the same as Qi Hongxuan’s wedding, which is to worship the heavens and the earth, the elders and the newlyweds, and then announce the ceremony.
However, just as the two newlyweds were smiling and the guests were blessing each other, something unexpected happened.
Just as the host wedding housekeeper had just let two new people worship heaven and earth, three monks of different origins suddenly came from the sky.
Today is the butler’s wedding day, and the butler’s security is more strict than usual, but these three people still fall from the butler’s compound.
One of the three people is a young woman who looks like she is fifteen or sixteen years old. She is wearing a white gauze skirt with colorful clouds on her feet, and her skin is fresh and red as the morning glow reflects snow.
Although the woman looks young, she has a cold and dignified face at this time.
And behind that woman, there are two godsworn in armor with simple broadsword in their arms.
Xiao Lingyu saw that the three men had been leng leng at first sight, and then carefully looked at the woman as if she had been struck by lightning.
The female appearance turned out to be as general as Jiang Lanyue hidden in Xiao Lingyu’s memory, but it seems that her temperament has changed a lot.
"Oriental static you are so bold!"
The woman walked slowly to the wedding table and said coldly
"You are people who dare to trespass on my housekeeper …"
A housekeeper, the Godsworn, stopped him.
"get out!"
As soon as the woman drank it lightly, she waved her sleeves gently, and the housekeeper, the Godsworn, vomited blood and flew backwards, knocking over many wine tables.
The newcomer actually started work in the housekeeper’s compound, and it is conceivable how angry other housekeepers are. They all rushed to this side.
"Stop it!"
The housekeeper, the woman, the God King, shouted at the podium. All the housekeepers stopped angrily.
"This Taoist friend is old in my daughter-in-law?" Asked the housekeeper, the God King.
What embarrasses the housekeeper, the woman God King, is that the woman ignored her words but said to Jing girl, "Don’t others know your identity? Don’t you know it yourself?" You are the only child left in your family, and now you are protected by my Jiang family. You go out privately and have to get married. Do you have your family to consider my Jiang family? "
Static girl looks a little scared on the platform, and her face also vaguely shows the complex color of guilt, remorse and hesitation.
"It’s a good thing your mistakes stopped when I arrived."
The woman’s words here is to wave a colorful light over the quiet girl.
It is strange that the housekeeper, the King of God, did not stop her even though she was nearby.
Guan Yiwei stopped him, but he was bounced by the colorful brilliance.
Multicolored brilliance enveloped the static girl, and then she slowly floated.
The static girl, who was wrapped in colorful brilliance, shook her head apologetically. There were words in her mouth, but everyone couldn’t hear her.
Guan Yiwei was very excited, but he was held by his mother.
Guan Yiwei can guess that the newcomer is definitely not simple, otherwise his mother would not sit idly by.
Even the family will feel humiliated and will not easily agree if the bride is taken away on the wedding day.
The woman didn’t dawdle her feet in the housekeeper’s yard. Colorful clouds reappeared and dragged her two guards to rise together.
Multicolored clouds are slow at first, but they suddenly add sagitar after two breaths.
Xiao Lingyu just recovered at this time. He couldn’t help shouting "Jiang Lanyue!"