Sun Hao answered irrelevantly, "I’m afraid of losing my teeth. I don’t know if Aquilaria is right?"

Rank then qi qi one leng.
They remember not long ago, it seemed that they were wandering, that is, they said such a sentence, but they didn’t know what it meant at that time, and now it seems that they are even famous.
Zhu Ling, Wang Yuan, etc. looked at each other and thought at the same time that the soul and wisdom were indeed the soul and wisdom, even if the form changed, it could still be considered as a legacy.
(Chapter 10 Rolling for Support)
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-nine War tooth 2
Hear sun Hao’s answer
Fear of teeth calmed down instead, and a pair of muddy eyes looked straight at Sun Hao. "Well, you can come here and it turns out that some people are superior in vision, courage and strength, but I underestimated the Terran junior. It’s not bad, but do you think this will win the seat?"
Maybe I haven’t seen a few living people for thousands of years, and I have a lot of fear of teeth. Of course, maybe he accumulated it when he attacked and defended.
Sun Hao doesn’t talk nonsense with him. Taikoo Lei Shou shakes his wings and drinks violently in his mouth. "Dear friends, we will continue to kill the feared warriors around him. He is just the crystallization of the common will of the feared warriors. If we kill the feared warriors, he will naturally disappear."
The qualifying then moved together.
In the first round of attack, the performance of the ranks of the elixirs is to discharge the strength in the form.
The monks who can really pose a threat to tooth phobia are strong enough to hurt tooth phobia. Among them, Zhao Zhumo and Sun Hao are of course ghosts, strange secrets, magic weapons of soul and wisdom, and the green light sword is also very powerful. The lion seal outside Xiaoli Palace also has strong attack power.
His friar’s combat effectiveness is a little weak in the face of tooth fear.
Of course, it may also be that his brother has hidden means and has not used them.
Swire Lei Shou is still ready to launch a strong attack, and his brother’s attack has been raging.
Friars float and attack with colorful colors, like gorgeous fireworks back to the soul temple.
The tooth-fearing film still blocks the front from the throne, but it is obvious that the defense of the tooth-fearing film is much weaker after being eliminated by a feared warrior.
Optical film is no longer indestructible.
Rank then crazy attack light film layer upon layer has been weakened, and many attacks have rushed to the standing throne.
Zhao Zhu’s demon rubbed against the hall with his hands holding the magic pestle, and started faster and faster, and then rose to the ground with his hands holding the pestle and suddenly fell.
The light film still can’t stop his great power, and the magic pestle seems to have a strong ability to break the law.
Once again, Zhao Zhu’s magic pestle smashed the top of his head.
His attack was blocked by the light film, and when he fell again, he was not deterred, but Zhao Zhu’s attack was different.
Fear of tooth waved his right hand to a palm for the first time to shoot to Zhao Zhumo.
Boom, I’m afraid my teeth are dry, my palm hits the magic pestle, and Zhao Zhu’s demon turns over and flies back, and I’m afraid my teeth and body are slightly awkward.
Outside the palace Xiaoli, the lion seal has penetrated the light membrane, and the strange spell shines again, and the fear of teeth and two fear of warriors.
This time, the effect of the shine spell is very different from that of the second time. When I was attacked by a spell, I suddenly felt that I was moving more slowly than the stiff speed, and the whole person seemed to be paralyzed.
What a strange spell
I’m afraid of my teeth and sigh that I found a green light flying in.
The green light power is fresh in his memory, and he dare not be careless, but it seems to flirt with him. This time, the green light just turned around in front of him and disappeared, and he didn’t attack him at all
I was a little confused. I didn’t think Bai Qingguang was so ancient. Lei Shou’s huge thunder has fallen to the axe warrior
The brave man erected his axe to block the thunder attack in front of him.
In the crashing thunder, the axe was destroyed by life and death, and the silver light swept into his huge body.
Afraid of tooth can’t neglect the left hand and raise my hand with a fist, I rushed to Sun Hao with a thunderous blow to try to support the axe warrior.
Thousands of thunders fear that the strength of teeth and fists will disappear instantly.
However, a lot of thunder force has escaped, and the blow of Taikoo Lei Shou was finally blocked
Fear of tooth heart slightly happy.
I didn’t wait for him to cheer up.
Not far from the throne, Sun Hao just broke out of the radius grid. After the lightning strike, he slightly avoided the chain, and the warrior suddenly gave a terrible roar.
I’m afraid of turning my head
See a harsh golden light
The golden light forms a cross shape, which is deeply cut into the chest of the chain warrior and directly comes out through the back.
In the chain warrior’s violent roar, the whole body threw itself forward and fell down the steps, and then knocked and rolled.
Awesome enemy cross lightsaber
Sun Hao heart also can’t help but breath in a gasp.
Zhao Zhu’s demon was struck by the fear of teeth, but in the middle, he held a magic pestle and pointed it at the chain warrior and issued a cross lightsaber.
The cross lightsaber directly cut off the chain warrior during the lightning stroke of Sun Hao’s radius grid.
After the chain warrior fell to the ground, the whole body has been cut into two steps by a cross lightsaber, and it has also turned into blood fog and disappeared back to the soul temple.
Fear of teeth knows his carelessness.
I also know that I despise the Terran successors.
Many of these terran descendants’ means are still hidden, their scheming is deep, their lethality is huge and they can do it.
To tell the truth, he didn’t expect that the Terran Godsworn would have so many attack abilities and form such a wonderful attack cooperation.
Just now, if it weren’t for my girl’s weird occult technique, it would greatly weaken the state of the chain. If he hadn’t been confused by the green light, if he hadn’t fought the furious thunder chain, he would never have been forcibly cut off on the spot.
Two attacks, first Sun Hao incarnated Taigu Lei Shou to destroy the tall and thin warrior, and then Zhao Zhumo seized the fighter plane and destroyed the chain warrior.
The two men have made great achievements successively, but they have shown their fighting strength beyond that of his brother.
Of course, without his brother’s cooperation and cover, they may not be able to make achievements with one blow.
A somersault fell back to the soul temple, and Zhao Zhu, a demon, knelt down with his hands on a pestle and looked at the Lei Shou in ZhongTaiGu.
Swire Lei Shou also happened to look up at this time.
Sun Hao saw a strong sense of fighting from the eyes of Zhao Zhumo, as if he saw Zhao Zhumo Lang saying, "You can do it, I can do it, and I can kill the feared warriors."
Sun Hao nodded slightly to Zhao Zhu, but his mind was slightly dizzy when he was preparing to attack again.
Heart slightly fierce shock Sun Hao know oneself transformation is coming to an end.
The combination of powerful lightning protection and radius grid lightning stroke consumes a lot, especially the powerful lightning protection needs to gather thousands of thunderbolts into an attack point, which is not Sun Hao’s life. Sun Hao’s current soul-refining practice has not been completed, and it has already ushered in a recession.
Nai sighed that Sun Hao’s wings spread to the hall.
At this time, it is no guarantee that Ann, the feared warrior, has also taken corresponding measures.
Throne fear tooth arms show hands appear cold silvery white light mouth said lightly, "since I can’t keep you, since your heart is unwilling to let me appear back to the soul temple, now simply let me really become the owner of the soul temple ….. and …"
The silvery white light followed him into two scary warriors.
Then the throne of the steps exploded and burst together with two feared warriors.
I’m afraid that my arms will unfold and two dim lights will appear in my hands.
The flesh and blood of that explode throne and the feared warrior rushed to his palm like a thousand streams returning to the motherland, and the light disappeared into the light.
The throne of the steps disappeared, and the end of the steps absorbed the steps and the shape of the two feared warriors changed rapidly
The body grows rapidly, grows tall, grows strong, folds and wrinkles seem to be stretched straight and smooth instantly, and many foreheads are flushed with a pair of sharp corners, bending back like horns, and thin arms and legs become strong and powerful.
Cloudy eyes become bright and red.
The old man didn’t have a tooth, and two rows of neat white teeth popped up in his mouth. The lotus flower reflected the teeth as if they were flashing a little starlight, which made people feel particularly dazzling white.
Swing your head and fear of teeth is no longer old. "False fear, although you know that fear is the development and future of fear, you still destroy their race. Although you are afraid of teeth, you will never be old, but you must turn me into an old-fashioned image. Now I am back to my young form and have grown teeth. It is no wonder that the original fear has always disagreed with the status of tooth injury. It is a selfish race …"
(Chapter 19 Rolling for support)