Shen four modest virtual way "where where! How dare you compare yourself with a bumper harvest? It’s Dr. Chunhua! "

Chapter 141, Translocation
Lianna didn’t see Locke until it was dark. She hadn’t eaten all day. From the night before yesterday to yesterday, she simply ate some dry food in the middle of nowhere.
A theologian starved to death in less than two days, but he was indeed hungry. Lianna’s consciousness of diet has long been divorced from low-level needs, and daily luxury and refinement have become a symbol of life.
If she wants to have a chef at any time, she will process all kinds of food, attend all kinds of dinners and occasionally comment on the food, which is also a self-cultivation vision commensurate with her status.
But all day, there was white water in this room, and after dark, street lamps were lit outside, and there were still many pedestrians in the street. The security here was much better than expected, and everyone was very relaxed.
Lianna hit the window and smelled a very strong and attractive smell. The aroma of the deliberately processed food was not the same. When she smelled the smell, she immediately aroused her appetite and could not control her tongue.
In her desk drawer, she found a shopping voucher issued by the non-Somali port marketing agency. After reading the investigation information in advance, she knew what this thing was for and that Locke was in charge of Jindian Store. Recently, five fast food restaurants in Dongguo can also make this kind of shopping voucher.
Lianna finally knocked on the door and went upstairs. The staff of Jin Dian Bank should have been ordered not to stop her from acting, but there was nothing else to do. Even she nodded and did her own thing, as if she turned a blind eye.
This made Lianna uncomfortable, but somehow relieved. She easily found the source of the fragrance. Except for not knowing the local dialect, Lianna is proficient in several languages and very fluent in Mandarin. It is not difficult to have a few simple conversations and buy things with shopping vouchers.
The storefront is cleaner than she thought, and the wooden table will be wiped every time a guest changes. She ordered a bowl of oil-sprinkled noodles, and as soon as she took the first bite, a good-hearted person next to her told her not to eat like this, she had to mix it first.
Although I have learned chopsticks in etiquette class, I am not very used to mixing noodles, and I am not very skilled in it. Besides, she never splashes several oil spots on her chest before eating this kind of food that needs stirring.
It’s beneath her dignity, but she can’t take care of it because this bowl of noodles is so delicious!
She almost wolfed down the bowl of noodles and forgot the table manners and noble image. Anyway, no one here knows her.
However, how can a mature, sexy and amorous beauty like her not cause the note manager and the chef to feel very happy? This is to give them the best praise for their craftsmanship and send a bowl of Xiaoshi noodle soup intimately.
After taking a sip of noodle soup, Lianna asked for another bowl, but it was still finished quickly, and then she asked for another bowl. After all, Lianna is a theologian, and her physique is very good. She is not as delicate and delicate as she looks, but she can eat it.
I think Zahin, an old clan leader of Poseidon and a senior worker at the international dock, came to this noodle restaurant for the first time. Like her, she ate three bowls and didn’t drink soup yet.
Three bowls of noodles and a bowl of soup go to Lianna. When she is full, she can’t help but burp. This is very careless and rude, but she can’t control it. When she is full, how can she not burp and feel really comfortable
So she burped and went back to Jindianhang. At 9: 30 p.m., a lot of valuables were put on the counter in front of the store on the first floor. It seems that this shop dares to open at night. It is a very noble block.
She is right to think so. The trading area of Jindianhang was indeed the most "noble" block in Soso Port-but it has never been late.
Late business is something that happened after the emergence of Kelin District. Now there is no concept of a trade zone. Originally, there was a barbecue shop next to the Datoubang site and the street police station, which was mainly engaged in all-night business, and it was particularly popular.
Lianna suddenly remembered that there was a bunch of keys left in the desk drawer, among which should be the door key of the gatehouse suite of Jin Dian Store, which is to let her go in and out by herself behind the door of the store.
I hit the lamp and read the documents for a while. Anyway, she had nothing else to do, and soon a sense of tiredness came over her.
Yesterday, she was very tired and exhausted. She didn’t sleep because she was very nervous and uneasy. After eating noodles, she somehow relaxed, and when she relaxed, she was bound to feel sleepy.
There is a bed in the bedroom. Locke should have lived here, and obviously he didn’t deliberately change her into a new clean bed. Lianna is very sensitive to this, not because of her magical practice, but because of her living habits.
But at this time, she also took a nap after locking the door. This sleep was so heavy that she didn’t wake up until ten o’clock the next afternoon, as if she had lost her vigilance.
Anyway, magic has been banned. If Locke wants to do something with her, she can resist.
Of course, I have to wash up after I get up, but it’s obviously Locke who washes here. There’s a toothbrush. It’s Xin Lianna who bit her teeth. It’s just like not wearing clothes.
After washing, she went out again with her keys and shopping vouchers. It was yesterday that the manager and guys of the oil-sprinkled noodle restaurant knew her and greeted her warmly.
Lianna people are so beautiful and in such a good figure that they can still eat so much. They can’t help but be impressed.
This is the most precocious person in her port of Sofia, and she has a sense of security in her subconscious before she looks at the graphic menu on the wall carefully
She found that she was so stupid yesterday that she ordered three bowls of the same oil-sprinkled noodles. Here are ten kinds of noodles, all of which look delicious. You can try another one after the sample.
There are five oil-sprinkled noodle restaurants in Kelin District, and each noodle restaurant should be short of ten kinds of noodles, many of which are repeated, totaling thirty kinds of noodles.
There are two ways to brush the local punch cards: one is to brush 30 bowls according to the species, and the other is to brush them according to the noodle shop, because even if each family makes the same noodles, the craftsmanship and taste will be different, so it will take almost 60 bowls to brush.
Today, I didn’t eat noodles as boldly as I did last night. Although I was still not very skilled, I didn’t spill soup on my body again. This time, I tasted two different noodles, one fried noodle and one soup noodle.
After eating, Lianna drank all the noodle soup, got up and thanked the man. When she walked out of the noodle restaurant, she gently burped twice. It was natural.
Back to the room, Locke still didn’t show up at the table. She has read the information over and over again for several times. She doesn’t know what Locke’s idea is, and she doesn’t know how long Locke will hang her. Does it feel like a way to face her again?
Ten years ago, when we met again suddenly, it was unexpected that she and Locke had to face too many things again, even the whole world again.
Just as she was thinking this, Locke knocked at the door and came in. He sat on the sofa opposite the table, with a little bloody and dead breath, but it was more vigorous.
Although Lianna was banned from magical powers, she was still very sensitive after a long sleep and full stomach.
"What are you going to do with me?"
"What must I do with you?"
"Then what should I do?"
"I said everything depends on your own choice. Once the era is over, welcome to the new world! You’ve been reading these materials for a long time. Don’t you have any better suggestions? "
When talking, Locke thought about the night about half a year ago, when he was sitting behind the desk and had just experienced the shock of life and death. The blood in the house was still there, and Hua Zhenxing was sitting on this sofa and he talked face to face.
This sofa was specially dragged by Hua Zhen from another location. Later, Locke didn’t change the place for it, and the living room furnishings kept the pattern that night.